Hunting for a Parade Route

Trill and I are out scouring the mainland for parade routes for next saturday’s Noob Avatar Pride Parade. I’m looking at a cool lake loop with a start / finish at the Europa sim, and passing through Ganymede, Callisto, Pandora, Mimas, Janus, Epimetheus, and Leda.

Possible parade route for the Noob Avatar Pride Parade with a start finish line at the Europa SIM in Second Life

β€’ Europa/220/229/43
β€’ Mimas/104/133/66

Tiny Vaneeesa Blaylock on a large suspension bridge across a stream feeding into the large lake at the center of Second Life's Jovian Moon sim regions of the mainland.
Nice bridge on my Jovian Moon / Greek Mythology lake route.


Trill is nearby walking another loop.

Trill Zapatero wearing the "gamer girl" noob avatar  she was born in.
Trill-the-noob hunts for a nice parade route for next Saturday’s Noob Avatar Pride Parade.

Noob Avatar Pride Parade route through Second Life Mainland

image of many dozens of ponies in natural and bright colors
Trill’s route passes a rainbow pony farm!


No sooner did we decide that Trill’s route was nicer and that we’d use that one… than we found that my route passes by legendary Yadni’s Junkyard! So now it’s back to the Jovian Moon route, but instead of start/finish at Europa, we’ll have Yadni’s Junkyard on the Leda sim be the start / finish:

β€’ Yadni’s Junkyard – Leda/227/68/67

Sign board at legendary Yadni's Junkyard in Second Life

Map of Noob Avatar Pride Parade route in "Jovian Moon" regions of Second Life

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

5 thoughts on “Hunting for a Parade Route

  1. Oh no, but now you’re missing out on the rainbow ponies! :O

    I’m looking forward to the reports of this already-famous parade already! πŸ˜€

    1. Oh, that’s not the half of it sista! Trill’s route had these 2-lane roads ascending through sweeping mountain slopes lined with snow-covered trees, it was an inspiring winter wonderland.

      But it was “Game Over” the minute Trill heard that Yadni’s Junkyard was on my route. She got all teary-eyed and started sniffling and talking about how her earliest days in-world (like mine) included trips to Yadni’s for, well, JUNK! Parts for noob creators to try making this or that.

      I recall the first thing I ever made was a purse… kk… that’s pretty lame SL bogus MMORPG, isn’t it? So let’s please pretend I never said the word purse, which, THANK YOU, I didn’t! LIGHT SABRE! SWORD! MACE! MULTIVERSE TASER… yeah… I made one of those!

      Anyway… you made the object itself, yourself… and then went over to Yadni’s to pick up a hold purse, sorry HOLD LIGHT SABRE animation and a script to do that when you “wear” it.

      So now this Saturday’s Noob Avatar Pride Parade will start and finish there with an afterparty in the Junkyard!

      You know you could come, right? It’s F2P, it’s not like some addictive substance that you’d be hooked on, and of course we’d never tell a soul you were even there, so your reputation would be intact. If it were any other activity I’d say we’d help you put together any avatar you wanted, but since it’s the Noob Avatar Pride Parade, all you have to do is pick one of the, now dozens, of noob avatars, and you’re already ready to go! πŸ™‚

      1. Haha @ crafting a ‘lightsaber’! The junkyard sounds like an awesome place for SL newbies. I’ll be a panda with a lightsaber! Or something. πŸ˜›

        I’d love to come to SL one day!! I’ll need serious help, though, I’m probably terrible at finding my way. I also don’t know how my little Mac will deal with it, there’s barely any space to install anything (I suppose you’ll need to install stuff?).

      2. Yes, you download a Viewer. The official SL viewer from runs quite well these days, although many of the cool kids prefer to use a TPV (Third Party Viewer) like the combat-friendly Exodus viewer or my personal fav the Firestorm viewer. It looks like Firestorm-Mac is an 83mb download, although IDK if it downloads more parts or expands to more when you install it.

        Is the Mac your normal machine? Or the one you’re using while the real one is in repair?

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