19 August – Nefertiti

In the photo: Strawberry Singh
Location: Egypt

I found this outfit on the second life marketplace a few years ago and promptly purchased it so that I could blog it. I even made a tattoo eyeliner to go with it. However, like most things in my slife, I never got around to it till I found it just a few hours ago sitting there quietly in my inventory.

I admit that I have a slight fascination with Nefertiti. At one point I made it my goal to learn everything I could about her and just devoured through books and articles and any other information I could find. Whenever I research about a person, I always wonder what their lives must have been like. I think about the power that she had, her commitment to her husband and her mysterious death. Author Michelle Moran wrote a book about Nefertiti, here’s one of my favorite quotes from it:

“My love is unique an none can rival her. Just by passing, she has already stolen away my heart.”
– Nefertiti

Strawberry Singh is a resident of the virtual world Second Life™ She is an avid blogger, photographer and social media enthusiast.

7 thoughts on “19 August – Nefertiti

  1. Oh gawd yes Berry!

    Gorgeous photo as always! Yes, Nefertiti is one of the most iconic people from art history.

    And Nefertiti & Akhenaten REALLY changed things up! It’s like the entire Egyptian culture was obsessed with playing this one MMORPG and Akhenaten says, yeah, ok, that game’s over, Meet the new MMORPG!

    Apparently from an agricultural perspective, moving the capital city to Amarna wasn’t the greatest idea ever, but geez, big experience points for outside the box solutions.

    And the whole monotheism thing – what a vision that was. Of course, in the old MMO, a lot of peeps (“priests”) had built livelihoods fixed to that game: idolatry, black market gold, rituals & blessings, paying peeps in China to level you up, you know the whole thing. So the whole “bold vision” thing kind of collapsed after his death and all of the old admins rushed in to tell the new Boy-CEO how to run a real RPG and poor Akhenaten had his name scraped off every line of code and Facebook photo they could find.

    And then as you mention, Nefertiti’s mysterious death…

    A clear, accurate, drawing of the famous illustration of Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and the kids

    The other huge change A&N brought in was throughout visual imagery. Nefertiti was like “The People’s Princess” or Queen actually, but you get my drift. You NEVER saw a royal image like this before, Nefertiti & Akhenaten hanging around the house playing with the kids! So simple, so domestic, so human, so real. The freaking Pharaoh a “house husband,” wow! Maybe she was Yoko Ono! Maybe Akhenaten was John Lennon?


    What a concept! I’ve always thought that Mark Antony & Cleopatra were the world’s 1st rock star & supermodel — could Akhenaten & Nefertiti had some of that quality 13 centuries earlier? Except instead of “super model” she was a brilliant performance artist?

    Anyway, Beautiful photo Berry!

    1. I was looking for Nefertiti clothes for many months for a photoshoot. I also I have a slight fascination with Nefertiti 🙂 TY

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