19 August – Fiona & Club Republik

Fiona Blaylock and Vaneeesa Blaylock dancing at Club Rebublik in Second Life

NU REPUBLIK, 19 Aug — With Olympic world harmony already a thing of the past, we return to geopolitical musical chairs: Sweden condemns Russia for sending Pussy Riot to prison for 2 years for “Upsetting the social order,” and Russia condemns the UK for threatening to storm the Ecuadorian Embassy so they can send Julian Assange to Sweden!

Feeling useless, like the Dick Cheney sock puppet that I am, I went to Club Republik at Nu Republik sim in Second Life and danced with my sister Fiona. We pretended to have Tourette’s and cussed at everybody. It was entertaining.

SL-URL Club Republik

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

4 thoughts on “19 August – Fiona & Club Republik

    1. oopsy! Sorry sis, I never really mean to make fun of your condition — I love you and I think you’re the most courageous person I know… but then… you know… I get carried away with myself and silly things are often said…

      Anyway, I’m pretty sure almost everyone online has some degree of dyslexia, so that one should be safe…

      Now what was that I heard that you had some photo of me on a dance pole?

      haha – I doubt THAT! 😛

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