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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, 19 August — You have a wonderful lot of web browser choices today — haha, “Mac vs PC?” Who cares! The browser is the new OS! One popular choice today is Google Chrome, and you may know that Google released a large portion of the Chrome source code as the open source Chromium project. Today in addition to Chrome itself, there are many other Chromium-based browsers and functionality flavors. Comodo Dragon is the security focused Chromium project. CoolNovo (formerly ChromePlus) is from programmers in China and it adds lots of new interface features and a sidebar.

My personal favorite flavor of Chromium, or any web browser, is RockMelt, the “Social Network flavor of Chromium.” RockMelt’s distinctive feature is 2 “Edges” the App Edge and the Friend Edge. You can show/hide both or either for more interactivity or less distraction. For myself I find the Friend Edge distracting and hide it, but I love the way the App Edge gives me such a fast view of what’s up on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and just about any other service or site I’d like to follow.

So, sure I’d encourage you to give RockMelt a try, and if you do, here’s the super-easy way to add iRez to your RockMelt App Edge!

Screen Cap of RockMelt web broswer showing RockMelt AppEdge and the iRez home page and iRez RSS Feed

0. If you don’t already have RockMelt, go get it:
1. In the iRez sidebar, right-click the orange RSS Feed button
2. say “Copy Link Address”
Or you could skip 1 & 2 and just type it, since it’s super-easy, it’s just:

ScreenCap of RockMelt App Center showing how to add RSS Feed for iRez Virtual Salon

3. Click the “+” at the top of your App Edge
4. Paste or type in the search box:
5. Click “Add iRez”

ScreenCap of RockMelt App Edge showing iRez Virtual Salon reader and last 20 posts

6. Then while you’re surfin’ Facebook or anything else, you can click the iRez app on the RockMelt App Edge and *BAM* the last 20 iRez posts are loaded in the App Sidebar for you, with a text excerpt and a featured image for each post. You can scan them all for a quick update, or click on any one you want to load.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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