Cousin Hannah

Cover image of Eden's Edge CD with Hannah Blaylock, Cherrill Green, Dean Berner
Cherrill Green, Hannah Blaylock & Dean Berner on cover of Eden’s Edge CD

NASHVILLE, 12 June — formed in 2006 and releasing their Big Machine Records debut single Amen in 2011, today American country band Eden’s Edge releases their debut album Eden’s Edge, also on Big Machine Records. Eden’s Edge is Hannah Blaylock (lead vocals), Dean Berner (vocals, guitar, Dobro) and Cherrill Green (vocals, mandolin, banjo, guitar).

I was just thinking yesterday about all those crazy late-nite conversations with my sister Fiona and what a crazy family we have. And then I heard that cousin Hannah’s record is coming out on 12 June! OMG! Yay! hahaha. I’m such a spoiled brat. How lucky I am to be in such a talented family. My parents both had amazing careers, my daughter’s insanely ambitious, she’s achieved so much already and she’s just finishing her sophomore year in college, Fiona’s worked so hard to build a life and an artful career, and OMG, Cousin Hannah’s record is coming out!!!


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Hannah Blaylock models a dress for her upcoming wedding
OMG Cousin Hannah’s getting married to Justin Wakefield!
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