My Vagina in the 21st Century


LOS ANGELES, 3 May — 18 years after Eve Ensler’s groundbreaking The Vagina Monologues, Funny or Die today released a plea by Andrea Savage, Kate Beckinsale and Judy Greer: Republicans, Get In My Vagina! Ensler’s pivotal work explored many ideas of gender, identity, and empowerment, among them, simply taking the word “vagina” out of the shadow of some sort of shame. It is a tribute to Ensler’s success that 18 years later what she achieved in a book or evening length performance, Savage, Beckinsale & Greer are able, at least in part, to achieve in 2 minutes and 28 seconds.



While the political tide that Savage, Beckinsale & Greer satarize is truly troubling, and the legislative agenda it carries truly regressive, the fact that the media and culture of this early 21st century moment allow Savage, Beckinsale & Greer to easily share a compelling argument with a mass audience is a power that Ensler must only have dreamt of when she wrote her catalyzing work in 1994.

Eve Ensler in The Vagina Monologues
Eve Ensler / The Vagina Monologues


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Andrea Savage in a frame from Funny or Die Video "Republicans Get in My Vagina"
Andrea Savage, writer / director of Funny or Die’s Republicans Get in My Vagina!
As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

2 thoughts on “My Vagina in the 21st Century

  1. Sperm killing secretions! Dammit, I knew I shouldn’t have skipped Sex Ed. class that day. WTF, just get me some of the drugs these people are taking.

    1. Yes, it’s true! The amazing sperm killing secretions! SEE! No need for reproductive health freedom, your omnipotent vagina can simply take care of itself.

      Really, hats off to Andrea Savage & Co, it’s a scathingly funny piece of work. And, of course, since truth is stranger than fiction, she didn’t even have to write the part about the… secretions… 🙂

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