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WoW Workshop with artist Aram Bartholl from LagunaArtMuseum

And… from the comments below… Ironyca turned me on to another amazing WoW RL Video! 🙂

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

3 thoughts on “WoW RL Videos

  1. I’ve seen this one before, quite something.

    Funny detail – all the name tags were green, which means you’re a friendly player to whoever is looking at you. They could have added extra implications by using yellow and red which means the player/person can attack you. Which names would we personally see as red, yellow and green, could be quite telling.

    The video also reminds me of this video, which is very professionally done:

    It’s also about WoW, but it could have been any other virtual world.

    1. Oh wow Ironyca, another amazing “WoW RL Video” — I’ve added up in the body of the post – very cool.

      Oh, haha, being a Level 2 noob I didn’t even know about the Green / Red / Yellow — it is pretty interesting. I think just the idea of seeing names is pretty cool (a prosopagnosia patient’s dream! and having the codes suggest relationships… going into a board meeting… who’s on your side… or into court with your lawyer…

      As I described in one of the comments on that long, rambling SaveMe Oh thread, no doubt this IS coming:

      To move today’s AR from your phone to your glasses… and face recognition… not to mention the temperature of your relationship to everyone this week… that could be a while… but no doubt our augmented reality futures will look a bit like WoW.

      Or I suppose you’ll be able to buy skins for your AR display… so if you’d prefer to see your corporate partners with the EVE Online or Crysis 3 graphics… or, of course… Farmville…

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