Field Trip: Blue Mars

hahaha, It's mee, VeeBee in Blue Mars!

Blue Mars Field Trip!!

Second Life focuses on UGC, User Generated Content, WoW is a lot about amazing developer created content, and Blue Mars tries to split the UGC difference with a Developer Class of users and a Consumer Class of users. Whether such “apartheid” is productive or not we can think about later, but either way it seems like a great time for a Blue Mars field trip!

VB/CO Goes 2 Blue Mars!

Saturday, 25 September 2010
Noon SLT • 7pm GMT • 9pm CEST • 5am Sunday AEST
Blue Mars

As far as I’m currently aware, there aren’t the same WoW Server / Race / Class sorts of issues. I think you just sign up and we can find each other.

Blue Mars runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7 in 32 or 64-bit mode. Unfortunately, BM doesn’t run on Macs! 🙁
Or “runs on Mac via Boot Camp.” Of course this will be a problem for our Mac friends! But we have had a number of requests for a BM field trip, so it seems like we should give it a shot. Hopefully our Mac Users can, uh, “borrow a PC from work” or log-in from a friend’s house…

Their spex page seems to be compatible with a nice spread of nVidia & ATI Video Cards.

I’ll observe our standard field trip procedure and “Vaneeesa Blaylock” will also be available in Second Life to help anyone trying to get set-up or find the gang in BM.
VB in SL @ An Li 83, 86, 26

And do friend me “Vaneeesa Blaylock” in Blue Mars!

What??? NO Ponytail hair??? F-that!


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4 thoughts on “Field Trip: Blue Mars

  1. If I can make it at the 25th, I’m definately comming.
    it looks a bit like Sims to me, although Sims does have ponytails!

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