Vanessa Blaylock and Merriam Galaxy walking down the street in Virtual New Hampshire and wearing "NH Rebellion" t-shirts

Previz #79 – Virtual New Hampshire Rebellion

Vanessa Blaylock and Merriam Galaxy walking down the street in Virtual New Hampshire and wearing "NH Rebellion" t-shirts
Vanessa Blaylock & Merriam Galaxy
Lawrence Lessig and others walk down a snow covered road during the walk of NH Photo by Bruce Skarin
Walkers in RL New Hampshire. Photo by Bruce Skarin

Walking RL New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Rebellion is walking the length of the state in an effort to change the way campaigns are funded, politicians are elected, and governance is performed. A treadmill desk with a large monitor on which Vaneeesa Blaylock walks on a virtual treadmill deskThey’ll walk 190 miles from 11 January to 24 January. On Monday 20 January, Merriam Galaxy, Vanessa Blaylock, and perhaps you, will virtually join them.

Mon, 20 Jan: Day 10: Canterbury to Concord

Total Daily Mileage: 10.2 miles
Starting Point: The Eggshell Restaurant, 563 Rte. 106, Louden NH

7:30 AM: BREAKFAST at Eggshell Restaurant
LUNCH: On the road!
2:00 PM: ARRIVE at Fairfield Inn, Concord.

photo of an avatar walking at a treadmill desk

photo of Merriam Galaxy walking in a NH Rebellion t-shirt
Merriam Galaxy

Walking Virtual New Hampshire

Virtual World: Second Life
Mon 20 Jan: 8:45am – 2pm SLT / PST

Like the RL walkers Merriam & Vanessa will walk from 8:45am to 2pm. The RL walkers will be on EST, and the virtual walkers will be on SLT / PST. Merriam & Vanessa will be walking on treadmills in both RL & SL, doing 10.2 miles this day. The 2 mile / hour pace will be a lot easier in our cozy studios than the frozen roads the RL walkers will be on, but it’s a small way to offer some solidarity with the walkers and their cause.

photo of Vanessa Blaylock walking  and wearing an NH Rebellion t-shirt
Vanessa Blaylock

YOU are invited to join us. Walk on a virtual treadmill for 5 minutes, or for the whole 5 hours. If you have a treadmill at your RL workstation you can walk there too. If not, your walking avatar will be great.

You can visit Merriam & Vanessa’s pages at NH, you can sign up yourself to walk a day, or you could sponsor Merriam or Vanessa:
• NH / Merriam Galaxy
• NH / Vanessa Blaylock

Treadmill Desk

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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