Mera Kranfel's Avatar History Quiz banner featuring 6 images of Vanessa Blaylock with other avatars.

Avatar History Quiz by Mera Kranfel

Mera Kranfel's Avatar History Quiz banner featuring 6 images of Vanessa Blaylock with other avatars.

Challenges! Challenges!

Avatar History Quiz? Oh yeah! There are so many great challenges & initiatives out there, from Syp, Berry, Botgirl, and many others. When I saw Mera Kranfel’s new Avatar History Quiz my inner narcissistic screamed, YES! As you’ll read on Mera’s blog, her challenge is to post pix of yourself in different worlds and different years, and then have peeps guess the locations and dates.

Farewell Virtual Performance Art

Avatar History Quiz - Vanessa Blaylock and an avatar friend. Can you guess who? And when? And on what world?In a quick rifle through my 39,999 pix virtual photo locker (no kidding, I didn’t make that number up, it’s just what it happens to be at today! 😛 I quickly starred over 100 pix! Then I noticed about half of my “selfies” were with someone else in the pix with me. That actually makes a lot of sense. For the past 4 years I’ve been a Virtual Performance Artist working with large and small groups of peeps in virtual performance works. Actually, tomorrow will be my last performance, VB50 – Farewell!

Hello Virtual Public Art

Avatar History Quiz: Vanessa Blaylock and guess WHO, WHERE & WHEN???Farewell isn’t exactly farewell! But it is the end of my Virtual Performance Artist career. As of August my new career as a Virtual Public Artist begins. In a way this isn’t much of a change in practice. It’s not the new title changing the work. It’s more the title catching up with where the work has already been. I’ve found that while peeps are happy to put on wardrobe and other performance elements you give them, they’re even more engaged in projects where they can more personally express themselves. Why not!? That’s where the net, social media, blogs & podcasts, and virtual worlds are all taking us. So my title is catching up with my art practice.

Both the old title and the new one are about interactions with other avatars. So I went back to my pix, threw out all the solo selfies, whittled the ones with other peeps in them to “only” 36 and here they are. In these past 4 years our projects have included participation by about 400 unique avatars, so the very few in these pix leave out so many peeps. Still, with apologies to everyone not featured in my random collection, here are a few peeps I’ve spent time with.

Avatar History Quiz

Avatar History Quiz - Vanessa Blaylock and friends. Can you guess the names, year, and location?You actually can find almost all the answers here on iRez if you wanted to work with that search box in the upper right. That might be a little hardcore! Maybe wild guessing is the best. Anyway, there should be a super prize for whoever gets the most correct.

I’ll put up L$5,000 plus a night or day or afternoon of my time for any activity the winner wants. We can go shopping & buy ourselves new outfits. Or buy houses & yachts. Or throw a dance party at Club Morpheus. Anything you want. And yes, if SaveMe Oh wins, I’ll buy her L$5,000 of Brussels sprouts.

Below are:

1. 36 Pix with numbers.
2. 36 Captions with Year, Peeps, Place.
3. 1 Button labeled I Think I’m Ready!

After you get an idea of the pix, hit the I Think I’m Ready! button which will pop up your quiz. Make your guesses and at the bottom hit “Finish Survey.” Then wait to see how you and everyone else does.

click any pix to enter slide show mode, then use arrow keys to flip thru pix

There’s the pix! Now the answers! Can you figure out which is which?

Ready to Start Guessing?

Click the button!


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As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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