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Mera Kranfel's Avatar History Quiz banner featuring 6 images of Vanessa Blaylock with other avatars.
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Avatar History Quiz by Mera Kranfel

The virtual world is real because we invest time and soul in developing its narratives. In Mera Kranfel’s Avatar History Quiz you can challenge yourself to pick the Who, When & Where of these virtual life moments.

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Unicorns kept bouncing up in the Draw Something game when Zynga decided to bombard us with a…

Black & White Dolce & Gabbana ad featuring Madonna scrubbing a floor. Burned in the upper left is the text "VB50"
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Previz #74 — VB50: Farewell

In VB50: Farewell, avatars will clean 15,000 primitive objects and 6.5 hectares of virtual land. VB50 will be the last work in our performance art series.

Avatars in the virtual world Second Life participating in the virtual performance artwork VB39 - Pink & Blue
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VB39 – Pink & Blue

PICO PICO LIFE, LEA19, 21 July — Even in our 21st century moment much of Western Culture…

VB36 - Pink & Blue @ Pico Pico Life / LEA19
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VB39 – Cast

PICO PICO LIFE, LEA19, 21 July — Today 21 intrepid avatars celebrated the 21st of July by…