Drawn by me on Draw Something 2
Drawn by me on Draw Something 2


Do you remember the telephone?

Drawing the word ‘telephone’ I googled and came across this lovely lady to use as a reference.

I have no idea who she is so I have named her Simone.

I tried searching for Simone on the phone again but without any luck.

Simone could quite possibly be an actress and this perhaps is a still from a movie.

She could also be a ghost and it might just have to remain a mystery forever.

This was quite an early ‘Draw Something 2’ creation using a black pen and grey and white highlighters.

Some light lounge music for Simone to listen to whilst she is hanging on the line…

Call Me: Sung by ‘The Mike Flowers Pops’ who I love dearly but I have no idea who these guys are miming to him.

I used to draw all the time... then there was a very long gap till I acquired a Draw Something addiction that began in March 2012 which threw me into the world of digital drawing. I now mainly use a drawing app called Sketch Club and have recently created a website for a drawing game my friend and I have invented called Monkey Side Bars. Monkey Side Bars is a twice-a-week drawing game where you are challenged to a piece of art on a specific theme. Players take turns selecting the theme for each round. On the reveal date for each round, we co-ordinate a mass posting to Instagram simultaneously across the globe (see posting times and collages). Be sure to check your posting time. The game is open to all who wish to participate. We welcome all levels of skill from beginners to hobbyists to professionals. All you need is a creative mind, a sense of humor, and a willingness to try. You might have heard it through the ape vine… This game will have you hooked on the monkey bars. Like a monkey likes a banana… it has that appeal. Come monkey around with us and see what all the fuss is about.

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