chart or datagraphic or visualization or data porn of dream levels in the film Inception

Immersive Interactive Creativity Community Yay!

Saturday is going to be an IICCY day! And even though it’s pronounced icky, I think it’s going to be a pretty sweet day! We’ve got 4 Immersive, Interactive, Creative, Community (Yay!) experiences for you:

ONE: 10am Haiku Speedbuild
TWO: Noon Opening Reception for DynaFleur
THREE: 2pm ABC Gym group photo
FOUR: 3pm Interactive Hat Workshop

10am: Haiku Speedbuild:

chart or datagraphic or visualization or data porn of dream levels in the film Inception
COBB: It’s the chance to build cathedrals, entire cities, things that never existed. Things that couldn’t exist in the real world.

For most people the “dream” of Inception is only a dream… but for residents of a building world like Second Life, the dream of Inception is… well… reality. And there’s no better place to experience and explore the unlimited possibilities of your creativity than Haiku Speedbuild, the Virtual Artist Alliance’s long-running chance to play for an hour in response to poems offered up by host Xue Faith. All experience levels welcome.

Noon: DynaFleur

Frame from the film Inception showing Cobb and Ariadne in a cafe with the explosion of glass and cafe items surrounding them
OLD MAN: They come to be woken up. The dream has become their reality. Who are you to say otherwise?

In Inception, Cobb, Ariadne, and their team adventure into the depths of human experience and see the tiniest details at the monumental scale of dream perspective. In DynaFleur, virtual environment designers Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield take our avatars bodily into the inner life, the inner chambers, the cellular processes, of a flower. DynaFleur is a tiny, intimate moment in a common yet secret place, made large for the scale of our avatar bodies. So large in fact, that at .3 kilometers in length, DynaFleur can only fit on a 256m x 256m Second Life region by turning it diagonally across the sim. Think particle accelerator. Think of every flower in your garden as a tiny particle accelerator. A tiny particle accelerator exploded to the scale of a Stanley Kubrick stargate for your avatar to tumble through in interactive, haptic splendor.

Please join the artists Story & Enfield for a reception and tour of DynaFleur, at it’s home for the next 6 weeks, 2.5 km above LEA11.

2pm: ABC Gym Member Group Portrait

Photo of Cobb's Inception team standing on a downtown city street
SAITO: Assemble your team, Mr. Cobb. And choose your people more wisely.

The Avatar Blogger Crossfit (ABC) Gym now has two dozen members! Schedules and time zones are always tricky, but we’d like to assemble as many members as possible for a Member Group Photo at 2pm on Saturday. Because ABC Month celebrates the diversity of avatar experiences, we certainly don’t want to be overly specific with this group photo. Still, group pix do sort of resonate when there is a common, uniting element. So how about this: wear something white-ish. White with color accents? Of course! Off-white or beige? Of course! White t-shirt or blouse and denim? Of course! Off-white dress with color accents? Of course! Really, wear what you feel good in. But if it can sway in the direction of white, it should help unify our diverse group of avatar bloggers.

3pm: Interactive Hat Workshop

Frame from the film Inception. Arthur explains a "paradox" to Ariadne
COBB: No idea is simple when you need to plant it in somebody else’s mind.

When Arthur explains “Paradoxes” to Ariadne in Inception, he’s exploring how our perception creates our reality. When you’re not a subject in a psychology experiment or an Inception dreamer in a stairwell, our perception can be fairly accurate, fairly helpful in understanding and experiencing the environments we find ourselves in. But Arthur teaching Ariadne how to create paradoxes is also teaching her how to manufacture reality, how to manipulate the forces that immerse us in experience.

On of my favorite manufacturings of experience is the giant .3km DynaFleur. Another is Mikati Slade’s Pico Pico Life Hats. DynaFleur exists on the scale of kilometers. Slade’s hats on the scale of centimeters. Like the paradoxes Arthur teaches Ariadne about, Slade’s hats use sensory perception to create immersive experience. By using bodily contact with other avatars as a trigger for visual, auditory, and spatial events, Slade makes our experience more visceral. More immersive. More real. In this workshop we will make our own hats to trigger events as we choose. All experience levels welcome.

L I N K Y . L I N K Y
β€’ SLURL: LEA11 – Haiku Speedbuild
β€’ SLURL: LEA11 – DynaFleur
β€’ SLURL: LEA11 – ABC Gym Member Group Portrait
β€’ SLURL: LEA11 – Interactive Hat Workshop

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

7 thoughts on “Immersive Interactive Creativity Community Yay!

  1. Shoot! I’ll be out that night so won’t be able to make the photo shoot…. :*( Oh well, have a great time and I hope it ends up being a wonderful photo. You could always grab the profile pics of those who can’t make it and add it to the borders? Just a thought πŸ™‚

    1. I’m sure we’ll miss a lot of peeps in any one time slot. I wonder if there’s some way to build up a group pix. Either like your heart photo bulletin board… or… I have a script or something somewhere that you can put in a prim and click to move your camera to a specific spot… I wonder if we could have peeps take selfies from the same spot and then stitch them all together. We could also have 2 different times, different days / times of day… but that’d still probably be hard to round peeps up…

      Any other thoughts?

  2. I may not make it to the whole program, BUT will try my best to be there at 2pm.SLT (just adding this info, because I am not sure if you need to know who’s attending, in case you’re using fun poseballs or something).

    If you had a set-type of thing, with x poseballs for x bloggers, with assigned places even so no one overlaps anyone else making it easier in the final montage, then perhaps it could be possible to set up a few days/times, peeps would be grouped according to availability, pics taken and finally everything added up later offworld. Just a thought. Not sure I could explain it clearly. Perhaps it’s way too complicated! SL does tend to bring that out of us, doing simple things in complicated ways! πŸ˜‰

  3. We’re so sorry that we missed the photoshoot! We’re moving IRL so things are a little hectic and we didn’t get chance to check our WordPress notifications until just now! We’re hoping you organise another thing like this, as we’d love to be involved next time!

    Our first ‘proper’ avatar blogger month post will be up later tonight as well, we’re really excited to publish it πŸ˜€


    1. Aww, good luck with all the moving! I thought we might do an Avatar Blogger Parade! Not just limited to the ABC Gym, but anyone who Blogs, posts pix on Flickr / Instagram, has a Facebook! etc… idea is that you could make a giant prim and put your work on it and then wear it… and we’ll do a parade through the LEA sims.

      Maybe Saturday? If we did 4pm SLT… then it’d be Midnight BST / 1a CEST / 9a AEST – so semi decent for many time zones…

    1. aww Yordie. haha. I wouldn’t stress about anything you “missed,” that sort of stress might be what got you frustrated with virtual worlds in the first place.

      Here’s the QuikNotes: We were awarded LEA11 for a residency to explore “Virtual REALITY” – the experience of virtual worlds, from the hapticfulness of installations like DynaFleur to the communityfulness of experience as in Agnes’ Tree of Missing Avatars. It’s from March to July and Vaneeesa missed a lot too (bogged down in school a lot at the beginning) But we have been on a roll lately and we’ve got 6 more weeks till 31 July.

      There’ll be events if you want to check them out. We’ve also got lots of prims if you want to rez or make anything. You can have space on the ground with the gang if you like, or you can be antonymous in a skybox if you like. Or you can just lurk a bit if that feels better.

      Anyway, nice to see stirrings of life! πŸ™‚

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