photograph of Vanessa Bartlett's race number for Sunday 12 May Chester Half Marathon


photograph of Vanessa Bartlett's race number for Sunday 12 May Chester Half Marathon
Vanessa Bartlett, track star
Straight from the London 2012 Games to your PC or Mobile, British track star, and my “Internet Sister,” Vanessa Bartlett will be running 13.1 miles on Sunday 12 May in the Chester Half Marathon. If we help her raise enough money for her wonderful charity based in London & the South, St. Mungo’s homeless aid, she’s threatening to send sweaty-faced Instagrams from the half-marathon route.

You’ll be able to see VB’s Instagrams on your mobile of course, or, lookie-lookie, right on this very page! πŸ™‚

β€’ Sponsor Vanessa
β€’ Chester Half Marathon
β€’ Race Day Tracking / Vanessa Bartlett #4016
β€’ St. Mungo’s, emergency homeless services
β€’ Vanessa Bartlett / Instagram
β€’ Vanessa Bartlett / iRez
β€’ Vanessa
β€’ Chester is about 1/2-hour south of Liverpool

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5 thoughts on “#vb131

  1. Why stop at 2? I’m pulllllling 4U!

    And honest, congrats VB – so great that you’re doing this!

    I’ve mostly done 5 & 10k’s and only 2 longer races, a 15k and a half marathon. Even though the 1/2M is longer, it was actually easier than the 15k. The 1/2 was a totally flat course, and I ran the first 2/3 with a friend who was a little slower so she kept me at an easier pace, and it was also overcast – the sun peeked out just a few minutes before I crossed the finish line.

    By contrast, the 15k from hell was THE hilliest thing I’ve ever done. And it was a flippin hot day! Oh and the whole thing was on steaming black asphalt. Uggh. I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to survive that thing.

    However, we KNOW you’re going to survive this thing, because:

    British track star Vanessa Bartlett reveals running secret: Lucozade by the 4-pack!

  2. PS: If anyone happens to BE there, or finds anything else relevant, any Instagrams hash tagged #vb131 will automatically appear in the collection on THIS page! πŸ™‚

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