Vaneeesa Blaylock walking on a treadmill, surfing the web, and reading blogs on her virtual treadmill desk

June is Avatar Blogger Month!

Avatar Blogger Vaneeesa Blaylock walking on a treadmill and working on her blog "I Rez Therefore I Am" on her "treadmill computer desk"

Avatar Bloggers Unite! By proclamation of, well, me, June is Avatar Blogger month!

Any Avatar Blogger who blogs about their adventures in 1 or more virtual worlds. Any worlds. Gaming worlds. Building worlds. All that matters is that your avatar is the blogger.

30 posts in 30 days. It’s easier than it sounds! Don’t think you’re writing the great novel! Just a simple post a day. A short post. A photo post. Any post. 30 posts in 30 days.

Avatar Blogger Vaneeesa Blaylock walking on a treadmill, surfing the web, and reading blogs on her virtual treadmill desk
Anyone who accepts the challenge gets a cool badge for starting, another cool badge if you succeed, a kickoff party, a completion party, events along the way, AND we’ll feature your blog on it’s very own large-screen monitor and treadmill desk at the LEA11 Sim in the virtual world of Second Life. Did I mention parties? How do you sign up? Easy! Just put your name and blog URL in the comments below and we’ll set up your computer workstation immediately!

Avatar Bloggers rock and June is a great month to celebrate them. But the project is also part of the “Alice in Cornelland” project which seeks to examine immersive living in virtual space.
Alice in Cornelland

Photo of Avatar Blogger Vaneeesa Blaylock's flat panel computer monitor showing her blog "I Rez Therefore I Am" on the screen and various photographs and "smart water" and "zip fizz" on her drafting table in front of the monitor
It’s actually exactly one year, kk 53 weeks, since Syp’s awesome “Newbie Blogger Initiative” to get more avatars from all worlds to start blogging. If you aren’t a blogger yet, what better month to start than June! There are so many peeps who’d love to help you with anything you need!

I said there’d be cool badges, right? Yeah. Anybody wanna design those?

Avatar Blogger Vaneeesa Blaylock walking on a treadmill and working on her blog "I Rez Therefore I Am" on her "treadmill desk" which consists of a drafting table top and a large flat screen monitor suspended in front of her treadmill
Sat 1 June, 12:01am GMT – 2am (Fri 31 May, 5-7pm SLT / PDT) Kickoff Party @LEA11 & tentatively live streamed for residents of all worlds.
Sun 30 June, 12:01am GMT – 2am (Sat 29 Jun, 5-7pm SLT / PDT) Grand Finale Dance Party @LEA11 & tentatively live streamed for residents of all worlds.
• various other excitement to be announced!

R E L A T E D . M A T E R I A L S
Gimme Six / Virtual World Tours, iRez
About Blogging / iRez
A is for Avatar
Why Do You Blog? / Strawberry Singh
New World Notes
Newbie Blogger Initiative / Biobreak

Avatar Blogger Vaneeesa Blaylock sits on top of a speaker adjacent to her treadmill desk which shows on a computer monitor her avatar blog "I Rez Therefore I Am"

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

154 thoughts on “June is Avatar Blogger Month!

  1. What a fantastic idea and challenge, Van! I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it because I might be going on vacation in the summer for a bit, but I’ll see.

    1. Thanks Berry! IDK if you participated in Syp’s Newbie Blogger Initiative last year, but it was a really great event. I heard about it late but still had a great time. It was very active with WoW, LOTRO, SWTOR, etc, etc… but not so much SL. Of course we know there are lots of SL bloggers out there, so whether it’s existing bloggers or launching new ones, I’m really looking forward to this. Hmm… I was thinking this will be mostly existing bloggers, but it’d be nice to create a special little feature zone for New Bloggers.

      A V A T A R . B L O G G E R . G Y M N A S I U M :
      Your partner in reaching your highest avatar potential, body and soul
      est 2013

  2. I am due for a meltdown since I’ve come close the past two months of a blog a day or at least averaging that. I have a very nice queue this week, but that just covers May.

    Can’t guarantee a couple of weekends but maybe I can work out the queueing function of Tumblr. Get some reblogs going, too. And I can always blog about the events surrounding this challenge.

    OK, count me in!

    1. Fantastic Paypabak! What’s your URL?

      Ooh… must do a post on scheduling posts! It’s very easy in WordPress… I have to look if / how you do it in Blogger / Tumblr. I think I have a friend who schedules all kinds of Tumblr stuff to post across the day. Haha, someone was just telling me that the “official Kickstarter gaming tips” say you should launch your Kickstarter during the China morning so you can have the longest day and already have a buzz going when you hit the West! 🙂

    2. Don’t stress on the 30 posts in 30 days part… like an RL Gym, your goals are your own… we’re all just here to cheer. Of course, those amazing Avatar Blogger Crossfit SOCKS from Trill are just the dangling carrot to make any ABC go Post Crazy! 🙂

  3. Fun, fun!

    So much to do in June, though. And I can’t really do this on my own blog, should sort of start a new one then. Oi oi! Will think about it!

    1. Wut? Can’t do it on your blog? Aww! 🙁

      You’re welcome to do it on iRez of course – your URL for “your blog” would just be:

      and all your posts would be neatly collected – like a blog within a blog… a city beneath the city… a world within a world… OMG so meta… I need meta-iced-tea now!

      1. Need meta-iced-tea as well. Such nice weather in Amsterdam, and all the ideas floating around…

        Thanks for the offer! Not sure what I’ll do. I might also be excavating in June, which would complicate things. And if I would post on my own blog… well, people sort of expect to hear about different games there, not just about one avatar… not sure if I would chase everyone away! One post a day is really much, so I just know I won’t have time for any others. Perhaps I should just not worry so much about this. ^^

        I’ll at least advertize this a bit on Ravalation. Perhaps it will bridge the SL – MMO gap a little bit (even though it is only a tiny tiny blog).

        Great idea anyway, I hope many people will be brave and take on this challenge!

        1. hahaha – of course you’re overthinking it!

          I didn’t actually mean that you couldn’t write your “normal” stuff. I just meant that if your typist is “Felicia Day,” and your avatar is “Codex” then the posts are from “Codex,” not from “Felicia Day.” But Codex can still talk about Pets & Raids and LOTRO & SWTOR, etc etc…

          Unless you had an itch to start a different blog, I’d really try to do it on Ravalation or iRez (or both! 🙂 but not on something new – I worry about fragmenting readers. Of course I’d love it if you did it on iRez – I’m going to! 🙂 But Ravalation might work also.

          And it really shouldn’t be daunting. Posts can be short… brief ideas or photo posts… it should be Fun… not Oppressive!

          I’m not positive on Blogger, but on WordPress you can schedule a post for the future, if, for example, you’re going off camping or something. Blogger probably has the same feature.

          Anyway… I think I”ll go make some meta-iced-chai-mate (with fake milk, of course)

          Happy Friday!

          1. Ohhhh, is that a Haradwen Bust? :O :O :O

            And that after all I’ve been through to get rid of that hood! My demon on top of the speaker! xD

            (No seriously, this made me laugh. And of all the Barbapappa disguishes, this one is by far the best. Shame I cannot keep wearing it without falling over with the slightest breeze.)

  4. Hi! This indeed does sound like fun – and a real challenge for me. I have wanted to do either a separate page on our present log OR start a whole new one – just for meeee!
    This might get me going on that…
    Thank you!

    1. Blog… log… yessy… sometimes it’s hard to tell… the great thing about virtual worlds is that you could write your blog while floating on a log!

      So, Mireille, are you on a group blog now? And thinking of starting your own?

      Sometimes separate is better, but when possible I’d try to keep things in one or not too many places. It’s hard to build up visitors to a site, so having a bunch of smaller sites almost guarantees a ghost town… if you can keep things together without being too all-over-the-map, I think you have the best chance of building an audience.

      Whatever you decide, drop a URL here when you have one, and we’ll put your blog or log on one of the big Treadmill Computer Desk Monitors at LEA11! 🙂

      1. Oh, my! Where have I been? LOGGING! Yessah…Aeon and I have been taking turns (more-or-less) in keeping something going on the BLOG every day since 01 June. It’s fun and we do have stuff to share, so…on we go!
        If it’s not too late, I’d love to give that Treadmill Computer Desk Monitor a go!
        Thank you so much!
        And yes, I do hope to diversify with my own page…and this summer sounds like a great time to do that. YAYA!

          1. Hi Mireille! Yay! You’re all set! You’ve been added to the Gym Roster Here:

            Your Treadmill is here:

            And if you’d like to “personalize” your Treadmill / Workstation, just join the VB Friends group (free & open) to rez at LEA11:

            Welcome Mireille! Hope to see you at the gym soon!

    1. OMG Peep! Akismet decided that your 1st comment was spam! O_o

      But it was ok with your second!?

      Maybe it doesn’t like Links & Short sentences? IDK!

      Anyway… WELCOME ABOARD!! Yay!!

          1. Blog::Log, Spam::Ham… it’s always hard to know… I say, just keep showin’ up.

            IDK why This makes me think of That, but maybe we should do Instagrams too… we can either put the IG’s right on TV sets in-world… or aggregate them on a blog page and run that through one of our Virtual TVs / Computer Monitors.

            Oh gawd… now I might have to break down and even pick up a virtual iPhone! 😛

      1. haha, yessy, we should sell virtual Justin Bieber blow up dolls and virtual iPhones and see which one gets the longer line…

        plus we could make a fortune selling sodas & sandwiches to peeps waiting all day in the cue!

    1. Awesome Inara! Being an enlightened blog iRez upped the WP limit from 2 links to 4 links. Even then it doesn’t call you spam, it just says “please look at this”.

      kk… maybe we’re not so enlightened… we don’t seem to get your URL in the comment header… I wonder if it’s because I turned off “Gravatar Hovercards”? I had to turn them off because they conflicted with our WooThemes “Teamster” theme that does bits for each of our many authors. But uggh, no links to commenter blogs – uggh – it’s always something. Anyway, while I try to track that down, could you leave your URL? And now you know, you can get away with 3 on iRez and still be flying below the radar! 🙂

    2. Oh lookie… it shows your URL in the Comment Thingy… but not in the Comments Section… must play with Jetpack… anyway… you’re now installed on a treadmill at LEA11 / Avatar Blogger Crossfit! Yay!


    3. *gets over my vanity and puts on my specs* OMG! I’m so embarrassed! lol I’ll be heading over later to check out my awesome workstation…I’ll be sure to wear my exercise clothes so I can fully check out the treadmill 😀

  5. Your timing is good because Flickr just gave me (and anyone else) a free terabyte of webspace and promised not to crunch my image files. I can do a photoblog there with commentary and comments.

      1. Awesome Bacon!! Yay 1 terabyte! (for everyone who isn’t Vaneeesa since flippin Yahoo won’t even let me login to the Flickr account that I used to pay them for since I switched web browsers… but anyway… it’s not about meeee… it’s about YOUR awesome pix! :))


  6. This seems like a really fantastic idea! We’ve been meaning to do more blogs that include some thought and writing behind them and this seems like a perfect idea! We’re two avatars but we’ll be posting together, as most of our time in world is spent glued to each other.

      1. Oh wow Alex & Hero – I hadn’t seen your blog before and it’s totally awesome! Yay! Thanks so much for joining us — AND — You’re LIVE at LEA11! 🙂


  7. Here’s exciting news! Our own virtual world storyteller Lizzie Gudkov has an amazing 12-part story set in Second Life’s Gothic Victorian RP sim Goatswood. She’ll be spooling it out in 12 daily chapters starting on 1 June!


    Here’s the list I have so far, please remind my frail brain of whoever I just forgot:








    I know many peeps are nervous about 30 posts in 30 days. Really, don’t stress on that. Just like working out at the RL Gym, your goals are you’re own. Everything else we do around here is just a lot of “cheerleading” to encourage, reward, and help motivate. But there’s no way to “fail” at this challenge.

    For example Lizzie will probably do 12 posts in 12 days and that will be her part of Avatar Blogger Crossfit. If you’re a photographer, or if you’re comfortable doing 100 word or so posts, perhaps you really can do 30 posts in 30 days. Whatever you choose to do, it rocks that you’re joining us and it’s so cool to see your blog in the gym at ABC!

    BTW, when you see the massive row of monitors at ABC, I think they work slightly differently depending on your SL Viewer: With Exodus all the monitors will just turn on when you’re near them – With Firestorm you have to manually turn on each monitor (“touch” it / click on the screen) and so on.

  8. I’m probably extremely late to the party, but I’m attempting to start blogging again and I think this might be just the thing to help make me get back into the swing of things, if I fact, not too late!

  9. Seems like a good way to get me used to blogging more, or at least taking more pics again! I’ll give it a shot too 🙂

  10. Well better late than never. Always up for a challenge and given my rather slow rate of publishing posts this will certainly raise the bar. Choice between this and a daily visit to the gym .. this challenge wins!!!

        1. Aww, Kitty! No worries! No panic! What you *need* to do is… well… pretty much nuttin… except maybe blog… what you *could* do if you feel like it is:
          1. Breathe
          2. Have a nice chai maté!
          3. Admire your name on the list:

          4. Visit LEA11 and admire your personal Treadmill / Desk / Computer Workstation featuring Kittywitchin’!

          5. Personalize, if you care to, your workstation at LEA11 with some pix, or a paperweight, or your favorite beverage, potted plant, change of clothes, whatever you like. To rez at LEA11 you just need to wear the “VB Friends” group tag. The group is free & open and you can join it here:

          6. As far as “catching up,” some peeps are great at doing lots of easy, short posts. If that’s you, or if you’d like to try that, then go for it. If you’re more of an elaborate post writer, then I wouldn’t even burden myself with the baggage of two days ago, I’d just start walking here and now.

          The only goals that are truly worth achieving are the ones you set for yourself, so I’d encourage everyone not to stress on the details of Avatar Blogger Crossfit challenge month, and instead to use it to move your personal “high jump bar” a little higher. Try writing longer. Try writing shorter. Try posting faster. Try editing more. Try editing less. It doesn’t matter where everyone else’s bar is set, some will always be higher or lower than yours. I’ll never be able to move like Lisa De Vanna, and at least so far in this life I’m lucky to be more mobile than Stephen Hawking. For me, the ultimate goal of ABC is to take wherever your bar is, and move it a little bit higher. And to really enjoy the month – it’ll be over before you know it! 🙂

          7. See #1 above.
          8. See #2 above.

  11. Avatar Blogger Crossfit Month begins!! Everyone has their own Treadmill Desk & Monitor! Lizzie has 12! haha one for each chapter in her new story!

    BTW, feel free to decorate your desk with pix or whatever you’d like. You can rez at LEA11 if you use the “VB Friends” group tag. It’s an open, free to join group. You can just look it up, or click it off of my groups list.

      1. OMG, You go to the beach and make the minions blog for you!!??

        Um… where do I sign up for this?? 🙂

        kk Orca, you’re on the participant list:

        Your Treadmill Desk is here:

        And if you – or the minions – would like to “personalize” your Workstation, you can rez anything you like at LEA11, pix, beverages, change of clothes, potted plant, whatever you like – just wear the “VB Friends” group tag. The group is free & open and you (or the minions) can join here:

        Have a great holiday!

        So nice of you to get an ABC Gym membership for the minions! 🙂

    1. aww, “Squirrel Seeking Chipmunk” – what an awesome blog title! Oh, and SL + IMVU! We’ve never had anyone from IMVU participate, even though I know it’s huge. — haha — as if you won’t be busy enough, maybe you’d consider writing a guest post on IMVU for iRez? Here’s the worlds we’ve covered so far:

      Meanwhile over in Second Life, your “workstation” is here:

      You’ll see your blog on the computer monitor with you title above it (if something else is on the screen, hit the home button and it’ll go back to you) And if you like, you’re welcome to “personalize” your worktation with pictures, plants, beverages, or whatever you’d like to make it cozy. To rez at LEA11 just wear the “VB Friends” group tag. The group is free & open and you can grab it from my profile groups, “Vaneeesa Blaylock”

      Welcome to Avatar Blogger Crossfit Celebee!!

      1. Oh wow, thanks so much! I’m going to pop over to visit it right this instant! Or at least, once I finish typing this reply haha.

        And I’m glad you like my blog title. Wish I had come up with it myself, but it was actually the title of a book. It was so cute I just had to incorporate it into my life somehow.

        To be honest, I’m no longer active in IMVU, now that I’ve discovered photography in Second Life. And on the creator side, I have to admit that I don’t know very much about it since I only bought stuff and hung out with people. I did post on the forums and involve myself with roleplay a few times though. If that is all right with you, I’d be honored to write an entry on IMVU iRez. I think I still have some of my screenshots from there!

        1. Oh, that’d be awesome Celebee. You may not be totally up to date on IMVU, but you must be 1,000x more informed than, you know… meee! 😛

          LMK what email to use and what you’d like for a username (in your profile you can also type “First Name & Last Name” different from “username,” so the username is kind of a “login” name, or could be the same as FirstLast, whatever you like) and I’ll add you to iRez! 🙂

            1. Oh hi! I just saw this! Sorry I guess with all the comments ‘n stuff I somehow missed it. Anyway, I just added you to iRez and you should have an email from iRez with your login & temp password & stuff.

              Here’s a little info on how to do a post:

              LMK if you have any questions or if I can help!



    1. Hi Vixxie! Hope I didn’t miss that… but anyway… you’re in now! WELCOME!! Your personal workstation is here:

      You’re welcome to decorate your workstation if you like, with pix, paper weights, potted plants, beverages, anything you like. You can rez at LEA11 by wearing the “VB Friends” group tag. The group is free & open. You can grab it from the groups list on my profile: “Vaneeesa Blaylock.”

      I’m so excited to ready your blog! Yay for joining us! 🙂

    1. For the record, my name in SL is Tiviyah Resident, but the avatar I keep my blogger groups on is pageantconfessionsBLOG Resident… if that matters. Haha. Sorry… very little sleep… not all here this evening.

      1. Awesome Tivi! The world of Pageant Models revealed! 🙂
        I don’t think Yordie has been a Pageant Model yet!
        Your “workstation” is here:

        If you want to decorate it… hang a few wardrobe changes… whatever you like… you can rez at LEA11 by wearing the “VB Friends” group tag. The group is free & open. You can grab it off my profile groups “Vaneeesa Blaylock”

        I liked your tattoo post! A few years ago we did a “Tattoo Expo Flashmob” or “Tatspo”:

  12. I’m hoping I could complete the 30 posts. Even though with a thousand things to do in SL, I can’t seem to find time to take pictures of it…. xD
    Buttt I’ll try my best and already started with my first post of the month. Time to get busy! Awesome challenge!

    1. Awesome Aarya! I’m so happy you’re joining us. And, haha, I know “busy.” It’s amazing how frantic I can keep myself. But Henry David Thoreau has just the quotation for us:

      It’s not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?

      Your very own Treadmill Desk / Computer workstation is here:

      If you’d like to “personalize” your desk with pix, trinkets, plants or whatever, you can rez at LEA11 if you wear the “VB Friends” group tag. The group is free and open. You can fetch it off my profile, “Vaneeesa Blaylock.”

      We’ll have a party at the end of the month! And probably also one on the 12th when Lizzie’s 12-part story “It Takes a Village” ends.

    1. Oh that’s so awesome that you’re joining us Liliana! I love your blog and your “Stand For Love” post is fantastic! I’m heading over to that website as soon as I get all the new Avatar Blogger Crossfit participants set up! 🙂

      Speaking of setting up, The Treadmill Computer Workstation featuring Behind These Emerald Eyes is here:

      Your blog is set as the home page for that computer, so if you go by and it’s on anything else, just click the little home button, and it will go back to your blog home page. You’re welcome to “personalize” your workstation if you’d like to bring in pictures, your favorite sports drink, or really anything at all. To rez at LEA11 just wear the “VB Friends” group tag. The group is free & open to join. You can grab it off of my profile, “Vaneeesa Blaylock”

      Welcome aboard & happy blogging!

        1. xoxo Yay Scarlett! You’re on the blog list:

          and you also have your very own Treadmill / Computer Workstation at LEA11:

          I’m eager to read your awesome blog! 🙂
          If you’d like to personalize your treadmill with photos or plants or anything, all you have to do is wear the “VB Friends” group tag to rez. It’s free and open to join and you can do that here:

          Have a great month and do be in touch! We’ll have a couple of parties through the month I’m sure. Yay Scarlett!!

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    1. Great Nieve! We’ve added you! You’re #20 on the participant list:

      And your personal Treadmill / Computer Workstation is here:

      You can “personalize” your workstation if you like – add pix, beverage, potted plant, change of clothes, whatever you like. To rez at LEA11 just wear the VB Friends group tag. The group is free & open, you can join it here:

      Thanks for joining us Nieve! LMK if you have any questions or if I can help with anything!

      Enjoy your ABC Gym Membership!! 🙂

    1. Welcome Daallee!

      You’re on the list:

      Your Treadmill / Workstation is here:

      And if you’d like to “personalize” your workstation, you’re welcome to rez anything you like. To rez at LEA11 just wear the VB Friends group tag which is free & open and available here:

      Thanks for joining us Daallee! LMK if you have any questions and have a great month!

    1. Awesome Harmony! You’ve been added to the roster:

      And your Treadmill is all set up:

      You can “personalize” your treadmill with Pix, Change of Clothes, Lava Lamp, Potted Plant, Bacon, whatever floats your boat! To rez at LEA11, just wear the VB Friends group tag, which is free & open, here:

      Thanks for joining us Harmony! Hope to see you at the gym soon!

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