Memolane screenCap showing Vaneeesa Blaylock's Memolane collection of 3 years of web content

Memolane (rawks!)

The awesome platform Memolane has an embed feature! You can “Make your Lane” and get a simple script to paste and embed it as you see above.

If you’re my Facebook friend or Twitter follower you already know I’m a Memolane junkie. After they “suck up” all your content sprawling across the web, they can send you a daily email remembering what happened 3 months or 3 years ago. It’s a really nice random reminder of what you were up to recently or a while back. And they come with little share on Twitter / Facebook buttons. Very cool. (unless, of course, you’re sick of seeing them! – sowii! πŸ˜›

“Lane” of just iRez:

We all use dozens and dozens of online platforms every day. Some of the Free Speech / Free Beer ranters here on iRez go on about how we’re selling our virtual DNA to these giant data-mining corporations for the privilege of sharing stuff online! IDK if this is the best or only scenario, but safe to say, hopscotching across these many virtual stones on the infinite surface of The Net, is the way we live our virtual lives in 2012.

And of the dozens of Websites / Platforms / Virtual Touchstones I hang out at, few are cooler than Memolane. The premise is simple enough: you already have a bunch of crap on WordPress, Flickr, Facebook, etc, etc, what if we just sucked it all in to one more place, and gave you a nice timeline to help make sense of it all. Of course time isn’t the only dimension / axis / trajectory along which to perceive a content body, and who knows, perhaps over time they’ll add other dimensions. But with so much content on so many platforms, Memolane is a pretty compelling way to organize it.

“Lane” of just video:

I love the timelines you can make at Tiki-Toki and the Life or other Charts you can make at PeoplePlotr, but one thing about those sites is that, OMG, you actually have to make the stuff! πŸ˜› Part of the genius of Memolane is that you just turn it loose on the content you want and it sucks it in and tries to make some sense of it for you.

My only complaint about Memolane is that it runs a little slow, which is so tough in our speed-obsessed age. Actually, I don’t even think it’s that we’re “speed obsessed” but that “speed is life.” Whether you’re a gamer worried about frame rate or a web surfer clicking off a slow-loading web page, slow things are like cold flesh, and we like warm, palpable flesh. I used to do a little bit of costume design (haha, Yordie already thinks I’m Jane McGonigal and Becky thinks I’m Paris Hilton, and now You can think I’m Gloria Gresham) and the thing about design stuff with the CAD software of the day is that it was powerful and efficient, but even a little lag was like a “time out” where your thought process / experience got interrupted. Designing with a pencil is less rich in many ways, but pencils don’t have lag, they always respond organically, instantly, and fluidly. It’s not so much that we want insane or blinding speed, lag just feels wrong. It’s not human! (no, sharpening your pencil does not count as lag)

Total non-developers like me really shouldn’t even open their mouths about things like server load, but it occurs to me that even though I say Memolane “sucks up” your content, it probably doesn’t literally suck it up to their servers, it probably analyzes it and makes a lot of pointers. So perhaps displaying your Memolane timeline requires a lot of calls to a lot of different servers at WordPress, Flickr, Facebook, et al. Anyway, Memolane IS a superawesome service, and I hope they’re able to get a bit faster over time.

All my stuff, except Flickr:

I use Flickr differently than a lot of peeps who actually curate their posts: I dump! haha, for me Flickr is a great repository for archiving lots of images from a performance work, and then I’ll curate a small set of those for a Performance Document here on iRez. Therefore the “Lane” at the very top of this post, with all my stuff, can have long stretches of Flickr pix in the middle. Fortunately you can make all the “Lanes” you like, so the one right above is everything -Flickr, so you can see a bit more what’s going on in the iRez salon or with the occasional YouTube posts.

I haven’t included Twitter or Facebook in my lanes since for me those mostly duplicate content I have on iRez, but if you used Facebook for posting original content, after the psychiatry referral, I’d suggest you add FB to your lane too.

Needless to say, if you haven’t checked out Memolane, I’d totally suggest it. You can follow me here:

and if you make an account, totally LMK, I’d love to follow you too!

And OMG, speaking of stuff that rawks, how cool is TechCrunch’s CrunchBase Widget!? That’s their scoop on Memolane above, and as you see below, you can lookup & embed Companies, Fin-Orgs, Peeps ‘n Products. You can roll your own here:
β€’ Crunchbase Widget


Memolane screenCap showing Vaneeesa Blaylock's Memolane collection of 3 years of web content
3 years of meeeeee…..
As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

3 thoughts on “Memolane (rawks!)

      1. kk, here’s another update for you then… 3 months ago (4 months after I wrote this post) MemoLane shut down. At least Pownce gave 2 weeks notice when they shut down… MemoLane gave 23 hours! Bam! Gone!

        They claimed that since they were “only” aggregating your content from Flickr, YouTube, WordPress, etc, that you weren’t losing anything when they unceremoniously dumped the whole thing, but as all the blank content on this page shows, in the information age, “meta is information too” and they dumped a whole bunch of meta.

        Oh well.

        It doesn’t bother me at all.


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