Fifty shades of Halloween

Halloween! When corporate business encourages girls and women to celebrate our inner sluts. Yay!

Just what we want! Right?

While boys and men get to chose from various costumes like demon, monster, warrior, soldier, scary, funny or crative.

Costumes for girls usually (I`m not saying always, there are some great exceptions out there, at least in SL)

includes words like sexy, queen, goddess, princess, angel, hot, maid and beauty.

And most of them more or less  looks like stripper outfits.



Don`t get me wrong. It`s perfectly okay to be sexy. Dress sexy if you feel like it,

but it should be a choice, not a requirement. Right?


Here we have fifty different Halloween outfits for girls and guys. Hand picked in SL.

Can you spot the difference between male/female costumes?


Womens costumes is all about showing their panties, no?




From this I conclude that womens costumes is all about showing their panties. Or cleavage. Or both.

And looking like a stripper. What a joy!






Happy Halloween!





A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having!

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