How Do You Spell Vaneeesa?

MIAMI, 27 July — What’s in a name?

Tweets by Vanessa Martel organizing a spam / bullying campaign against me

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

8 thoughts on “How Do You Spell Vaneeesa?

  1. I guess that woman doesn’t like her underscore.

    If these tweets had been directed at me I would have found it uncomfortable, the Vaneeesa_ person based on her attempt to rally people into some kind of peer pressure(?) and her tweeting several times. The other one for using that word… ew.

    Did you tweet back at them Vaneeesa?

  2. IRONYCA —
    no, I didn’t reply. It’s interesting, FB et al have so much emphasis on stopping bullying cold. When her friend called me a slut today I went looking for Twitter abuse reporting and it essentially doesn’t exist.

    Then I went looking up those “It Gets Better” videos on Gay Rights / Homophobia – in the past I’ve critiqued Facebook & Google for being progressive on Gay Rights, but intolerant on pseudonymous identity… but at least they got the first part.

    What I discovered is that Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Pixar, and almost every tech corp you can think of made an “It Gets Better” video… Twitter didn’t…

    Anyway, as you know, cyberbullying is a really serious issue, but *this* I think is not. I suspect Vanessa is cool, I’ve just never spoken to her. No doubt Alexis talks like that to her friends and they laugh and say the same thing back, but it is kind of harsh to say to a total stranger whose never said a word to you.

    haha – I actually don’t know where it came from. I’ve never interacted with any of these people in any way. But here’s my guess. Around April ’09 I signed up for the twitter username @Vaneeesa. Sometime between April ’09 & July ’12 Vanessa Martell signed up for the twitter username… well… I have no idea actually…

    But what I think the trick is… somewhere in there she signed up for the Instagram username @Vaneeesa. I don’t use Instagram so IDK how it works, but I think perhaps they have their own namespace… but then they interact or cross post to Twitter in some way… so some of her Instagram posts were “bleeding over” to my Twitter.

    I’m not sure that’s it at all… but that’s my guess… and then she decided to launch a spam war against me. It’s kind of funny since it didn’t amount to much, but if she’d turned 100 or 200 Alexis’ loose on me, that could have been kind of uncomfortable.

    Fortunately, even though I’m not an Anthropology PhD student, I still sort of think of my art as engaging a sort of amateur online media ethnographic practice… so it’s interesting to see a collision like this both from the technical namespace issue and from the personal ramifications.

    Interestingly, I want @Vaneeesa because it’s my “real” name, and I’ve previously waged battles with both Facebook & Google+ for the right to use my “real” name which they both denied, forcing me to spell my name their way. So finally Twitter was a place that allowed me to spell my name my way… and now I’m getting cussed out by strangers! πŸ˜› Since Martell’s “real” name is “Vanessa” IDK why she’s so intent on getting my name for her twitter, but guessing again, perhaps she’s built up a network on Instagram with @Vaneeesa

    BTW, as long as M. Zuckerberg forced me to be “Vanessa Blaylock” on his service, and unfortunately, since so many sites use “Facebook Connect,” I’m now Vanessa on those sites too… anyway… I made a little collection of “Vanessa Blaylocks” on Facebook:

    Perhaps one day Vanessa Martel and I will bury the hatchet and we can start a Vaneeesa club. Miami. Hmm… I’ll forgive her if she gets me a pink flamingo. But she still can’t have my Twitter username.

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