28 July – Day 21

This picture was taken a while ago in Chouchou, in my opinion the coolest hangout spot in Second Life. It’s just a sandy island with a tree and a piano at the center plus some wrecks spread around, making a very relaxing change from the visual bombardment that is the norm in SL regions. Chouchou is run, along with three other sims, by the eponymous virtual Japanese music group, whose atmospheric tunes are obviously always being streamed there. As I and Kikas were leaving, this woman approached me and asked “Do you see me?”. What could I say but “yes”, after which she informed me she saw herself as a cloud. I advised her to relog, but she said she had done it five times with the problem persisting. And that is the end of this Chouchou story, hopefully the technical glitch she was experiencing sorted itself out…

In Second Life I developed a show with my partner Kikas Babenco, and we participate in performances and improvisations around the grid. Meanwhile, I take a lot of pictures!

2 thoughts on “28 July – Day 21

  1. I sort of thought when I get that message that I’m a cloud but others see me “normally” that it really mean others see me as Ruth…

    How you can you see her in full detail: skin, hair, hat, veil, clothing… and she can’t rez for herself? I don’t get it?? Yordie??? You know everything about how SL works, right? Please 2 ‘splain!

    It’s an interesting sim Marma – just very shallow water as you described… but always a small group loitering there… nice… and, aww… I used to lay on the ground all the time… I guess I’m too busy now to stop and smell the grass… or in this case the water! 🙂

    Vaneeesa Blaylock laying face down in the shallow water at ChouChou in Second Life

    1. what a great picture Vaneeesa! 😀 Chouchou is a very special place for us because it was there we hit on the idea of wearing objects instead of just clothing. On one of our first visits to Chouchou a few years ago there was a guy sitting next to a tent in front of a campfire — at first I didn’t understand how he could do it because you can’t rezz objects there, but then… of course, he was wearing them! That was the real starting point for us eventually becoming The Wearers!

      And now it’s more than time to go post today’s picture!

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