9 July – Yordie

Yordie Sands & Vaneeesa Blaylock playing in shallow water outside Sands' virtual home in Second Life

LOCATION: Billingsgate, Second Life
IN PHOTO: Yordie Sands & Vaneeesa Blaylock

I had a chance to drop by iRez author Yordie Sands new place in Billingsgate. Rumor has it her new house was constructed by legendary RL/SL architect Painter Merryman! Anyway, I was admiring the shoreline when THIS PSYCHO pushed me in the water! Fortunately, my chiffon dress is a cotton-poly blend and it dries in like 2 seconds. Especially in the blazing heat of summer in Billingsgate. Oh, and if you go visit her, take a swimsuit and some dramamine. She’s a speedboat maniac!

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

5 thoughts on “9 July – Yordie

    1. Oh, and OMG what a landscape!! The idyllic waters… the house on the bank… the pastoral trees… if this isn’t the nostalgic childhood home you never had, what is?! Really a remarkable setting Yordie – hope you enjoy your new home for years to come. Or weeks, weeks are like SL/Dog years, right?

      1. I’m so glad you could break away for a visit. I want my friends to feel that my home is a destination where they are welcome. Generally, there are better places to launch boats for outtings on the Blake Sea, but you are always welcome to launch from there.

        I’m still furnishing and landscaping but what you saw is all part of the master plan. I never thought I’d give up my lot on the Marthas Vineyard sim, but when I saw this sim available I sensed I might find a way to enhance all those wonderful New England feelings with a larger plot of land.

        OH! I learned why our boat ride was so rough. There’s news that when the Lab upgraded the HAVOC physics engine recently and that upgrade caused the Lab’s “threaded region crossing” software to choke. So, I may be a bit wild at the helm but a lot of that rough ride is part of this software challenge.

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