Enter a 3D Virtual World in Less than a Minute

Bird’s eye view of Pixels and Plastic exhibit in Cloud Party

If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, this link will take you directly into my Pixels and Plastic art exhibit in Cloud Party. No program to download. No plug-in to install. You can either authenticate with Facebook or enter anonymously. Even in beta, Cloud Party is an amazing virtual exhibition platform for 2D artists. Check it out!

A beautiful thought experiment.

4 thoughts on “Enter a 3D Virtual World in Less than a Minute

  1. It’s super cool! Very fun and exciting. Botgirl’s place RAWKS!!!

    I was immediately frustrated by the camera controls. Something that also frustrated me about Blue Mars. I have to say, Second Life does have fantastic camera controls. I read that more camera controls and lots of other features are “in the works” so this is a pretty impressive start.

    Botgirl’s cannon video was amazing.

    With Second Life, a medium to low end laptop really struggles to run. The cash for a nice GeForce or other graphics card really pays off. — I’m blown away that CP runs in a web browser. DYK, how does it run on those medium to low end laptops?

    What about Lag, number of avatars, etc? Does it have these familiar issues, or is there a better / different architecture?

    Thanks Botgirl!!!

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