Diary #18

TAIPEI, 1991 — Do you remember what you were wearing the day you got pregnant? I do. Black tank. Black Ray-Bans. 11 June ’91. I’d just graduated from HKAPA 4 days earlier and wandered off to Taipei to play. I thought I was the coolest, hottest girl in the world.

Black and white photo of Vaneeesa Blaylock in black tank top and black Ray-Bans. Taipei 1991

THE HAGUE, 2012 — It’s so “funny” and unexpected the ways the events of our lives cascade and unfold. And in, I suppose, a miniature version of life itself, it’s funny how the pages of your blog or diary unfold. 2 days ago when I published that x-ray of my legs, it never even occurred to me that I’d be printing this pix today. But then yesterday I thought, well, that was my legs from the inside, let’s see them from the outside, and grabbed that senior recital image and posted it. And then looking at it I realized how unexpectedly different my life was going to be a year after that picture. And all of a sudden today I’m dragging out the infamous “black tank” photo. I never thought I’d ever show this pix to anyone.

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

11 thoughts on “Diary #18

  1. oh yes! i sure do remember what i was wearning, and i was in the middle of my senior year in h/s too. oh the things that happen when you get pregnant in h/s. we married tho, had the baby and lived happily ever after till we got divorce a few years later. hehe

      1. oh yeah! i really messed up. my boyfriend got me preggers. we married, divorce later, but have lovely daughter. i was wearing summer dresss, empire style, pink (fav color) and i was … well, no undies. hehe.

        1. aww, an empire summer dress… so you were *cough*cough* less, uh, “out there” than the black tank…

          gawd… we should do a performance where everyone wears the clothes they wore (or something like them) when they got pregnant! πŸ˜›

          1. I have a location all picked out. How about the Falmouth Hotel in Bay City. hehe. I’m just guessing actually, i’m pretty sure it was the night of the summer dress. it sure should have been.

            1. oh yes, many peeps would have to guess / approximate. I’ve never been to Falmouth Hotel / Bay City, but sure, it sounds great.

              haha — I guess it’s a plan!

              Do you have an avatar dress anything like the pink sundress? Maybe you could snap a pix and send it over? I can write up a little previz for the piece and we can start “soliciting” peeps to join in! πŸ™‚

                1. haha, I know Yordie… but the whole reason VB/CO exists is because I take “crazy ideas” that “normal” people would just chuckle at and move on… and actually perform them! πŸ˜›

                  1. same with adventuring, i go to these amazing places and there’s no people so i bring my people and we create fun. i’m just getting started but i think it’s going to work.

                    1. Hi Vanessa… I’d love to make some machinima but don’t know how. if you know how, i got the boat and am always ready to roll. there is a problem with racing across sims with some viewers though. I had trouble with Viewer 3.5 and Firestorm 4 but I’m ready to try FS again. I have a feeling my FS testing was in a bad sim area. Love to take you for a ride.

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