Diary #11

HONG KONG, 1989 — Terri Ray, Liz Tarnov, and I being goofballs out at some really old house out in the New Territories. I just can’t seem to remember why the hell we were out there and I certainly can’t imagine what possessed us to get naked in somebody else’s house and take moronic pictures. But there it is.

Terri Ray, Liz Tarnov & Vaneeesa Blaylock, HKAPA dance students standing naked in a room and holding photo prints of Terri Ray in front of their faces
Terri Ray, Liz Tarnov, and I holding prints of Terri in front of our faces.

THE HAGUE, 2012 — It’s not that dancers were naked a lot, or anything. I guess it’s just that we were more likely to be naked than students in most other majors. I took that photo of Terri for my photo class. I actually had the multiple prints because I was trying to perfect the exposure, but then I just had them around and we were being silly. Which rarely happened. I’m sure this was the only silly day in all of undergrad.

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