2011 VWBPE Keynote on Virtual Identity

This is a recording of a presentation my human counterpart and I made together at the 2011 Virtual World Best Practices in Education conference. It’s somewhere between a lecture and a work of performance art on the topic of virtual identity.

A beautiful thought experiment.

1 thought on “2011 VWBPE Keynote on Virtual Identity

  1. Thanks so much for posting this video Botgirl! I caught part of this presentation a year ago when you gave it live, but I’ve never had the chance to listen to it in it’s entirety till now.


    So many powerful ideas about Identity, persona, life, reality, here in the virtual century.

    FYI, this video opens with remarks about the VWBPE 2011 conference by Phelan Corrimal. They’re actually pretty interesting and offer a nice sense of the state of the media and its use. But for anyone who’d like to jump right to Botgirl’s presentation, it starts right at:

    on this vid.

    There are actually so many ideas in this talk I’m almost speechless to begin a reply. haha, so a question instead:

    For ME, this is a great, great talk, But I’m curious, this mostly about identity talk was given to a bunch of, I presume, educators, who are also human beings and have probably thought about these ideas also, but at least on the first tier, their activities in virtual space are more “specific” or “clear” and perhaps more linear than the “drunk walk” of identity exploration…

    What sort of reactions did you get from this audience?

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