A white or "porcelain" untextured, but 3D modeled, avatar character by Ironyca

Making a 3D Game Character Myself

SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE OF EMERYVILLE, CA, 21 May — Legendary game designer Ironyca Lee, wait, scratch that, Legendary metaverse traveler and noob game designer Ironyca Lee is busy ripping off, wait, scratch that, is finding inspiration for modeling studies, in classic contemporary work from Pixar. With so many excited about 3D architecture and animation today, Lee dives into modeling standard 3D Studio Max and does an impressive job rendering her first character.

Author: Ironyca Lee
I am a WoW blogger and game analysis student.

2 thoughts on “Making a 3D Game Character Myself

  1. That’s YOU Apmel? Awesome! Then YOU could give Ironyca permission to upload your likeness to the SL grid and nobody would be violating anybody’s TOS! 😛

    Oh, BTW, Ironyca, if you’re reading this… OS Grid (similar architecture to SL, and Open Source) has had mesh, actually for longer than SL, and as far as I’m aware, without SL’s corporate hegemony agenda.

    It seems to me that you could upload your “student project” to OSG (or perhaps arguably even SL) and if you’re not selling it but just doing your own academic / testing… that it really should be covered under the same fair use as analogous educational applications.

    — Vaneeesa-not-a-lawyer-Blaylock

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