VB25 – Her Again

VB25 – Her Again
by Xue Faith

My mother thought she was too good for this world, so she left. As if that raspberry wasn’t enough, she thought it’d be “funny” as part of her exit to engage in a little human trafficking and auction ME off! After a couple of humiliating weeks of being passed around like fake jewelry, I said f-that and put a stop to it.

At each week's auction, the altvatar from the week before will appear on stage on the beach at An Li in my "Maurizio Cattelan Crate"

Meanwhile, I guess all that “freedom” on the outer grids wasn’t everything she thought it would be, so, you’ll never guess who dragged her sorry ass back to Second Life today.

I’m officially an emancipated avatar now, so she has no power over me

Still, I can’t say I was eager to see the return of my oppressor. She couldn’t just “materialize” or have a party or something, no, it had to be this whole sanctimonious event with “deep meaningful conversations” and other pretentious crap. Thank gawd SaveMe Oh showed up or I swear I would have slit my virtual wrists right there on the beach. I’ve never actually met SaveMe, we just exchanged a few blurbs on Facebook: I told her I really liked her work and she told me not to be a kiss ass.

Gawd, SaveMe is SO cool! Everybody else is like “oh, it’s art, get on your knees and worship it.” SaveMe’s like the only person in SL who’s not afraid to call bullshit. Plus her “show” totally rocks and isn’t boring like all my mother’s crap. Tuna Oddfellow’s got nothin on SaveMe – she’s like a portable Tunaverse!!

— Xue


Author: Xue Faith
Student in the Culture, Media and Creative Industries programme at King's College, London. Curator at Gallery Xue. Webmaster for avatar bloggers.

4 thoughts on “VB25 – Her Again

  1. I find it a bit disturbing you have had all this contact with mother, and still never once mentioned to me that she had returned inworld.. Did she return to the trailer park, or do you have her shacking up with one of your ex’s again. I can’t keep up.

  2. This was your best post ever, with 3 great pictures of me, the others you could delete, btw.

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