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Gina the Younger, Van Caerndow, and Meee!

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Auction Report #1

Last Saturday the day finally arrived for the 1st of my 10 weekly auctions of my avatar. The story is here:

I’d been afraid (no ego here! πŸ™‚ that there wouldn’t be any bidding at all, but in fact there was a lot. The first bid was L$200 from Ironyca Rae, and the winning bid finally was L$2,200 from Trill Zapatero (hence my new last name (thank you mommy) I used to be Heather Atcheson. Plus, our awesome auctioneer Sledge Roffo not only conducted an exciting auction, he even decided to match the winning bid! So we wound up donating L$4,400 to the Afghanistan Museum of Second Life.

It’s been a great Heather Zapatero week… I’m thinking of running away so I don’t have to go back in the Maurizio Cattelan Artist Crate and let one of Vaneeesa’s other (more boring) altvatars have a week. So bogus. The things I do for the dead girl. No one should ask this much of a little kid. Oh well, this too, I shall endure.

Please come tomorrow and bid lots of Lindens on meeeee! And when you win, PLEASE don’t pick one of the other, lame, altvatars, pick meeeee! I want to live!!!

This is Gina Broono as she was *during* the auction.
And this is Gina after Trill won the auction and decided to have yucky "Faith" change into supa'funnn Meee! I actually think *Gina* was the big winner of this auction! πŸ™‚ Gina the Younger was so fun and free! We learned on VB13 that not everybody likes or even approves of child avatars, but even big, dumb Vaneeesa sez they're cool, and obviously *I* think it's the adults that are stoopid!

I honestly think Gina behaved or “performed” as a different persona in this body. And really, that makes a lot of sense. Wouldn’t Silvio Berlusconi feel and perform differently if he lived in Anna Nicole Smith’s body? What experience would she have if Paris Hilton lived in Venus Williams’ body?

And while I truly believe she “performed” or “existed” or “was instantiated” differently… certainly I also projected different perceptions onto her. Seeing the younger person I undoubtedly did see and hear and perceive her differently.

For sure Virtual Worlds are great for saying “Hi I’m a business person, or an educator, etc etc, and this is my FL Name and that’s linked to this VW identity… great… but what an opportunity VWs represent to present and experience an inner you that’s never had the chance to be. Gracie Kendal said (paraphrasing poorly, I’m sure) that she’d never really felt fully like who she thought she was, until she entered Second Life.

OMG – that’s my inner Vaneeesa doing philosophy, isn’t it!? Bleeech! F-that! Let’s play!!!

Our super-awexome auctioneer Sledge Roffo workin the crowd!

Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

Auction #1 – Saturday 12 Feb 2011
10am SLT / 6pm GMT, Biscuit Bay, An Li, Second Life

Auctioneer: Sledge Roffo
Winning Bidder: Trill Zapatero
Merchandise: Heather Zapatero

Other Attendees:
Agnes Sharple
Fross Maruti
Gina Broono
Gina the Younger
Ironyca Rae
Jennifer Roundfield
Pixel Reanimator
Trilby Minotaur
Ush Underwood
Van Caerndow

Work it Sledge, work it! Drive those bids up! Oh yea!!!
Gina the Younger trying out the Artist as Art crate
Sledge, the man!
High-bidder Trill!
Ush Underwood
Jennifer Roundfield
Agnes (shhh! don't tell her that her leggings are full of holes - she likes 'em that way!!! πŸ™‚
Gina the Younger
Another Friend! πŸ™‚
Ironyca and I really liked how warm the waters of Biscuit Bay were. All the overheating GeForce cards make it really nice! Also it was cool how my dress made patterns in the rippling surface of the water!
Ironyca, Gina, and Pixel
On the beach with my new (deadbeat) mommy (she has cool purple hairs!) Oh, and the white cloud is Trilby - I think she was a white cloud the whole day!

Thanks for playin with me you guys – it was such a fun week – it was so nice to be alive…

— Heather

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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  1. hi Vaneeesa, I had such a wonderful time, and yes being a kid again is incredibly freeing;Thanks for making this happen and also for hanging my picture, it looks great up there as a technicolor sun.

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