Week 3 – The Stage!

Wheeeee! Backflips and pyro and synchronized dancing - oh my!

Just when I was starting to think I could not screw-up long enough to actually become an SLCS Cheerleader… Week 3 – The Stage!

/me *shivers*

Srooc sez you can screw up on the stage even worse than with the HUD!!!

Oh joy.

But scroll thru all my stage screw-ups anyway… so you can see all the fun stuff we did this week! Play nite at the amusement park… performance at the hot club… SO much SLCS action! πŸ™‚

Here we are backstage, getting ready to get in the catapults that will toss over the wall, onto the stage, and start the performance with dance & pyro! (well, if you go forward exactly right you'll be on stage to start the performance... too little and you won't clear the wall... too much and you'll wind up midfield! O_o
Yay! Our big, pyro entrance!
Then lots of dancing and a synchronized leap into spread eagle formation!
Our stage rehearsal! From the POV of Abbie's butt! *giggles*
This picture is actually from behind the stage looking thru the scrim at us performing
Yes, it's true! We do it all for the stars!!!
Abbie & Shawna measuring themselves in Sayrah's machine!
OMG! Is Nikki dead!?!?
WoW! For Valentines' Danielle used spirit gum to glue little red rhinestones to her cheek! Like a Rhinestone Cheergirl...
And then Danielle proposed to Srooc!?!?!?
Danielle & Nikki. Wait!? Didn't Danielle just propose to Srooc? And isn't Nikki dead? OMG!!! The poor trainee of very little brain is SO confused! Meanwhile in the background, Kris talks to a mysterious, distinguished-grey-haired gentleman!
Then last Wed a bunch of us went on Cheerleader's Nite Out to BS's Amusement Park! And we actually didn't wear cheer uniforms - I got to see everybody in "street clothes!" πŸ™‚

BS’s Amusement Park:

On the left is one of the cheerleaders, Imogen Bagley, she won the award for hottest outfit! On the right is another cheerleader, Aurora Elgund, she won the award for hottest pose! And in the middle is my trainee teammate Alexis, she won the award for trainee with the most different looks!!
Kris, our Cheer HUD / 401 Class guru, relaxing with a glass of wine before we leave the stadium and head over to BS's
This is Looloo Juliess, another one of the cheerleaders, who I met at the park. Looloo is super-tall and wears a lot of cashmere sweaters and totally looks like a fashion model every time I see her!
Bumper Cars!! So funnn!
OMG!!! Abbie rammed Danielle so hard she almost threw her out of her car!!!
Me, Danielle, and Steffy doing the inner-tube / log / mountain / water / get soaked ride - yay!
Ice Skating! Supa-funnn! Danielle had cool skates - I decided to be cheeky and just try to skate in my boots, like when we used to play broom hockey! πŸ˜›
And then last night our week of never-ending action moved to the 8-month-old club Halflife where SLCS performed!

Club Halflife:


hahaha last night was the first time I've ever actually seen Looloo in an SLCS uniform - she still looks like a fashion model!
OMG! Halflife was SO crowded - crazy!!!
As a trainee, I can't perform with the squad yet, so I chilled and watched the performance with Halflife owner Reese Shawbridge. Reese said SLCS brought in the biggest crowd Halflife's ever had!!! (oh, and he mentioned that the can't-make-em-in-SL-anymore 'Sploder that one of SLCS owns didn't hurt any either! πŸ™‚
This is Premium Composer, she performed after us. She said she didn't really do "rocker" music, she just liked to dress that way. It was a great look for her!
We Are SLCS!

Or, uh, at least, “we” might be… if “we” don’t screw up and send the entire squad into orbit around the stadium! O_o


— Aero

OMG! What a crazy-busy-mostly-fun-and-only-occasionally-terrifyingly-stressful week! IDK HOW we found an extra 5 minutes, or how I managed not to fall asleep on the couch or a bench in the locker room... but somehow Abbie and I actually managed to go dancing at Dance Island! OMG -- I love that place -- SO funnn! Oh, BTW, the wolf on the platform behind Abbie's shoulder is Starry Rae - cool peeps!

Dance Island:

I grew up in Friday Harbor, WA, and went to school at UBC Vancouver where I received a BSN in 2003. Now I'm a nurse at Children & Women's Health Center of BC. I wish I could tell you I went clubbing every night after work, but those days are pretty much behind me. My boyfriend is a bit of a gamer, but I'm not fond of battles & killing stuff, so I rarely join him. Sometimes I play Second Life instead: it's fun to unleash my inner cheerleader! :)

4 thoughts on “Week 3 – The Stage!

  1. Just discovered this post. LOVE it! Cheerleaders forever! I have a couple cheerleader outfits, but I’ve never been involved in on an SL cheerleader team.

    1. Thanks Yordie! SLCS is super-fun and there’s so many great peeps there! You should totally come by Cheertopia sometime and check it out.

      I actually haven’t been around much lately, RL and all that, but when I poked my nose in on Saturday to write that Gimme 6 post, everyone was so sweet.

      hahaha, I was totally expecting guilt trips, like “oh look, it’s the dead girl,” but they were so great and so happy to see me and dragged me around, “oh, you have to come get the new HUD,” etc

      I can’t wait to see YOUR cheer pix! Yay!!

      1. Wow, Cheertopia sounds cool. I love stuff like that. I’m such a showoff and always the cheerleader in any crowd I show up at. (/me blushes). I’ll check things out. I’m into this for real! Hugs, Yordie

        1. SLCS is an awesome group Yordie, I think you’ll really like them. They have regular SLCS for 18 & over avatars… and also The Comets for 13-17 year old avatars.

          Once you finish training and become official, you can just go to practice kinda when you like and they have a lot of events, but they’re all optional so you go whenever you can.

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