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This is Ironyca Lee. Ironyca is the greatest multiverse traveler I know. She gave us an amazing 4-hour tour of World of Warcraft / Argent Dawn. Level 85, naturally. Then she and I stomped, drank, and chatted our way thru a couple of hours on Blue Mars trying to make sense of that world. And now she's not only joined us for VB23 - New Clothes, but she's brought her sisters Obveeus and Late along to join in the performance!

VB23 – New Clothes

Saturday, 22 January 2011, 8-10pm GMT
a performance on the InWorldz grid

Agnes Sharple
Ironyca Lee
Late Lee
NightOwl Meridoc
Obveeus Lee
Tim Otherland
Trilby Minotaur
Vaneeesa Blaylock
Zsophia Innovia

Performance Image Set:

This is NightOwl Meridoc. Night's been the VBCO/Multiverse Wardrobe Supervisor since forever. If we were on Facebook we'd have to say of our relationship, "It's Complicated." We've done amazing work together... we've also had some awful fights. I've thought about firing her more than once, and I can't believe she hasn't quit, more than once. I wouldn't suppose she's stuck it out from any loyalty to "me," but I think we both believe in the work we do, and in spite of it's sometimes lack of smoothness, we've each chosen to see it thru. There are people who I might sometimes have an easier rapport with than Night, but there isn't anyone I respect more. Unlike me, Night is not the "oh goody, lets sign-up for yet another Web2.0 toy or yet another virtual world" sort of person, yet she managed to drag her butt over to InWorldz for this performance because of her commitment to our work. In the end, perhaps your family isn't so much the people who are "easy" or "fun" to be with, but those who consistently choose to be there regardless of the cost. I love you Night.

As Aero described in her Previz for VB23 – New Clothes, this piece launching our VBCO/Multiverse 2011 season is a smaller “More Allan Kaprow” sort of performance art than we’ve done before.

It’s adapted from Kaprow’s 1975 performance Match, and it celebrates a new year, a new virtual world, and, of course, New Clothes! In the piece we took a single blouse and denim shorts and wore them, “spoke” a statement or new year’s wish, and then took them off and passed them to the next person till we’d completed a circle of everyone in attendance.

The performance started with my passing the clothes to Night.
Trilby Minotaur is my next-door-neighbor here InWorldz. The eastern border of her Combray Region is the western border of our VB/CO Region. In fact she's the reason we acquired this region and set up camp in this world. In other times and places I've known her as a Victorian bookmaker and more things, personas, and appearances than you can imagine.
Night passing the blouse & shorts to Agnes.
This is Agnes Sharple. Agnes is my best friend in any virtual world. On VB18 - Avatar Chess she took over the company while I was out of town, pulled the performance together, and had her head bitten off by 1 or 2 disgruntled peeps as her thanks. She's been the VBCO/Multiverse Art Director, Assistant, Director, Gallery Director, and more. But the "title" I most think of her as is "roommate." Or at least she was my roommate before my "ascension," I guess she's Faith's roommate now.
I only met "Tim Otherland" today! But rumor has it that he knows well a guy in another world who's been relentlessly supportive and helpful to VBCO/Multiverse since forever.
I don't know Zsophia Innovia that well. This was her second performance with us, her first being VB17 - Dark Side of the Moon. As you can see in the photo, she's the most amazingly "put together" person I've seen InWorldz! She looked so perfect I was hesitant to ask her to join in, and in fact she was hesitant to do so,but then she read the Previz for this piece and said, "Oh, now I get it! Ok!" And... ha ha ha... you see her below next to Trilby.
Trilby & Zsophia after the performance.
Trilby Minotaur
The Lee triplets, Ironyca, Late, and Obveeus. Amazing peeps. Amazing fam. Thank you again Ironyca. So nice to meet you Obveeus and Late.
Obveeus passing the blouse to Ironyca.
This is a picture of Night's chest. Although it is very pretty, it's not actually the photograph I wanted to take. My beloved Phoenix runs here InWorldz, but not very well. On Trilby's suggestion, I tried Imprudence which is great for importing/exporting builds between this and other worlds, and seems to be about the best overall viewer for this world. Unfortunately, it's based on the LL Viewer 1.23 code base which, for me at least, has always taken incorrectly cropped photographs. You might notice other poorly framed images in this performance document. The 1.23 Viewer and its myriad derivatives has followed and plagued me since forever. It's the reason I was originally not an Emerald fan back when everyone else used to be. The Kokua & Imprudence blog states that a 1.3 series update is imminent, but that progress on the 1.4 series viewer is slow. Meanwhile Phoenix has set up a partnership with SpotOn3D, which makes SpotON an instant consideration to replace InWorldz as our Virtual World home base. SpotON regions actually cost less than InWorldz regions. They have 15k prims instead of InWorldz 45k prims, which I think we can live with, but SpotON Regions are limited to 15 avatars which is probably too constrained for us. So in spite of being the Phoenix flagship outpost, we may have to stay here InWorldz with Imprudence and its unfortunate "cleavage cam."
After the performance, like a virtual miracle of loaves & fishes... er... miracle of tops & shorts... we had wardrobe enough for everyone!

Thank you all for being a part of this performance. Thank you for spending time together in this world.

— VB

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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  1. That was a sweet post. I am also very honored, “greatest multiverse traveler”, what an awesome title, if only I could get that title in WoW!

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