Afghanistan Museum Update

Trill Zapatero has always figured prominently on the IRez blog: she was a fierce Homecoming Queen competitor (and eventual winner) @SLHS:

And she’s the founding director of the Afghanistan Museum of Second Life:

You can still see all the lovely tiara photos at the Blaylock-Sharple-Keng-Tearfall art space “Butter My Butt Gallery”

And N-O-W her Afghanistan Museum has moved from it’s development space far above the Four Bridges Project region to its new home on the nicely terraformed land of the Four Bridges Exhibit region:

I’ve always loved that scene in Big where Tom Hanks tells Elizabeth Perkins,

I’ve been thinking about this and there are a million reasons for me to go home but there is only one reason for me to stay.

There are a million reasons why I hate SL: the crass commercialism and 20th century read-only cultural mindset, the poor performance, all the LL missteps, etc… there are, of course, way more than one reason to love SL, but however large that number may be, Zapatero’s Afghanistan Museum must be on top of the list. It really is the best of both worlds: a beautiful presentation of FL culture and conditions in an across-the-globe immersive way that only a 3D Virtual World can deliver. Yes going to the physical place might be better, but this is a great start, and it’s way greener than the horrendous use of jet fuel that feel-good eco-tourism is built on the back of.

Zapatero continues to develop this impressive cultural institution, but there’s plenty to see already. She’s added a magic carpet ride that tours you from the ground-level entrance to the mountaintop pavilions of the museum, and there’s a magic lamp that can whisk you… well… you’ll just have to go see…


As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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