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SL Fine Artist, FL Fine Artist, SL Clothing Designer, FL World Traveler, and now, SL Museum Director / Designer Trill Zapatero has just opened the Afghanistan Museum of Second Life.

Actually, the museum is “in beta,” but she’s thrown the doors open and invited you to come visit. Beta or not, there’s a lot to see! Just be careful, if your wandering is adventurous enough, you might fall through a crack in the temporary floor a kilometer over the Central Asia Institute / Four Bridges Project.

The Virtual Afghanistan Museum is open now as Zapatero makes final adjustments, and in 5 or 6 weeks it’s moving to the solid earth of a homestead she’s acquiring.

Everything she’s ever sold in this world, the beautiful ethnic clothing, the donation box, has gone to help people in Afghanistan.

Brace Yourself.

Here is the single most extraordinary thing I’ve heard in this world, ever.

For the price of a pair of virtual Stiletto Moody pumps, you can send an FL girl in Afghanistan to school for two months.

I am speechless.

My extravagant wardrobe and my self-indulgent performance art seem so small in the face of the beauty and importance of the Museum Zapatero has created and the work that she does.

But self-loathing is unbecoming and pointless.


I have a challenge for you!

You know those ridiculously… obscenely… expensive shoes you’ve been coveting? My drug of choice atm is Maitreya Gold, but whatever you fancy… you’ve hesitated because you’re a little embarrassed…


Buy the most expensive shoes you’ve ever dreamt of wearing. And before you put them on… go to the Afghanistan Museum and make an equal L$ donation there. Then put your opulent shoes on and wear them with pride.

It’s a little bit like the One Laptop Per Child “Buy One Get One” program. But instead of a kiddie laptop, you get killer heels. And in the life of one person you’ll probably never meet, you’ll change the possibilities a little bit.

In the last half-year a dozen boneheaded decrees by Linden Lab have soured me on this world. But it was never supposed to be about them. For all my whining (please NEVER follow me on Twitter — OMG! 😛

For all my whining… who actually cares what LL does… their changes in policies, yes they do, unfortunately, affect creativity and freedom in this world, but really, LL changing policies is sort of like your trash collection company changing the day of the week that they empty your dumpster.

The work that visionaries in this world like Trill Zapatero do is humbling, ennobling, sublime, extraordinary… it’s the reason this world exists… it’s the reason I live here.

See you at the museum!


Trill Zapatero


As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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