World of Warcraft

At noon on Saturday 14 Aug ’10 VB/CO is going to go where few SL avatars have gone before.

Yes, it’s time for the VB Friends field trip to World of Warcraft! Hot on the heels of our successful field trip to OS Grid

we’ve decided to go for something really different… if you’ve been before… help us sort it out… if you’ve never been… come join the safari! In addition to their normal monthly paid subscription, you can get a 10 day free trial. So you could sign up a week before the 14th… or just go for it on the 14th.

Come maim and plunder… come experience WoW’s legendary servers and lag-free living!

I’ve actually never been myself, so if I get this wrong – please drop a comment on this post and straighten us out! As I understand it, when you sign up, it’s not just “Alliance” and “Horde”… but you have to pick from 10 “Races”… and I think we all need to be the same race to “tour” together, so drop by the Race Page:

pick the race you’d like for the field trip… come back HERE and vote! We’ll leave this poll open for 14 days, from Wed 14 July to Wed 28 July… then we’ll go with whatever race gets the most votes.

Here’s a new blog post I came across on the 10 races:


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