Happy Holidays!

I recently started the Moment series. They’re just “moments” large or small that stumble across my virtual life, or that I construct. I’m doing, or finding, 26 moments, from A-Z, and then it is done. I’ve built a shipping crate for the first 10 moments – perfect for getting these large 2m x 4m prints to your home or gallery.

Thanks to some slick scripting by Skitch Sabretooth the crate is wonderfully animated. So you can pull out the prints one by one and decide which you want to hang. Sort of like the animated gif above, but actually nicer in-world.

And, since we finished this project just a few days before the putative birthday of the legendary socialist-hippie (as in, uh, anti-capitalist) whose mission in life was to get Rome off the Jews’ backs, but whose life was later co-opted as the foundational myth of a multi-national corporation bent on world domination, well, what better occasion for a little informal party!!!

I hung out at my house most of yesterday (Saturday) and invited VB/CO peeps and others to come pick up their holiday gift. Which is the crate full of lovely prints. Or, actually, full of pictures of meeeee! Hmm… that’s not, like, ridiculously narcissistic… is it? Hmm…

As you see above, we were visited by angels light and dark (Connie Arida / Kafkagome Bekkers) Below are the visitors with links to their Shops or Profiles or Blogs, etc.

BTW, LMK if you’d rather have your link go somewhere else, or if you’d prefer no link – I’m happy to adjust!

As always with this blog – click the pix for a bigger pix!

Takira Ninetails

VB Cast 2009

Takira’s pregnant! Congratulations mommy!

Hmm… I previously wrote a previz for Rebekah’s wedding… maybe we can do a birth performance for Takira… interesting!…

VB Cast 2009

Eos looking radiant!

CodeWarrior Carling

CodeWarrior planning ahea-d as always!

Trilby Minotaur

Wow – Twilbees (sowwi – I can’t stop talking like VB13!) came in her Santa’s Reindeer outfit and immediately hit the bicycle. Trilby could totally drop Rudolph’s ass! πŸ˜›


Fuzzie decided to impress with her abs, biceps, and everything else, of steel, so she pulled out enormous 200kg weights and flung them around the room. What a bod!

VB Cast 2009

Heathers was shiny! And she wants us to do a performance, Tiny!
(ouch, sorry! Slap me!)

Carter Denja

The official VB/CO cafe! Yay!
But she didn’t bring Stormy! πŸ™
Probably afraid everyone would be hitting on her.
Or worse… that I’d try to get her to perform with us! πŸ˜›

Carter, Me, Seasprite, Fuzzie

Gracie Kendal

Gracie joined me for some stretches on the yoga mats.

Seasprite Destiny

See! I’m not the only diva in this company! Seasprite does barre exercises too… at least when she has her Santa hat on!

Fross Maruti

The official VB/CO Photo Studio – yay!


Skitch the killer crate scripter, yay! Saera sez he can script anything. She’s probably right. Oh, and just in case you need a scripter, he’s actually way easier to work with than his avatar suggests! O_o


Skitch’s girlfriend, hot designer, and hot bod Saera. Obviously you’ve gotta be pretty buff if you’re gonna hang out with a guy in so much sharp/pointy armor!

Pixleen Mistral

The legendary journalist… more with Pix toward the end of this post…

Seasprite & Pix doin’ the ballerina thing!

Artist / Architect

Gina tore herself away from clients she was consulting for to come hang out with us for a while. Thanks sweetie!

VB Cast 2009

Graine brought candy! Yay!

Monyka Benelli

Monyka did shoes for VB03 and VB08 and she was in VB08 too!

Carina Larsen

Carina did hair for VB08 and VB10. Actually it was her new goth skin, Anyusha’s apparrel, and Ninoo and Kaylee’s Chinese College at Monash University that created “Moment A” that launched the series.

Here Carina wears a really soft, snuggly, autumn-toned sweater top. It’s very yummy… but the “I do not feel anything” caption scared me a bit… she swears she only picked it for the colors! πŸ˜›

On the yoga mats doing stretches with Carina

Helena Stringer

Like Carina, Helena is a hair designer. As her avatar suggests, her aesthetic is a little different. Rumor has it no one on the grid has designed more Mohawk hairdos than Helena!

Zola Zsun

We used to call Zola “Red”… but apparently that nickname is now out… from now on she is to be referred to only as “Blade!”

VB Cast 2009

Eep! Tammy in Linden Lag Grey! It was a bad tech day for Tammy! πŸ™
So sweet of her to come hang out anyway! πŸ™‚

Friday Blaisdale

Stage Manager Friday and her partner Jami wore their Native American & Western outfits from a theme party they threw.

Jami Mills

Jami and Friday are the original VB Cast! They appeared in VB01 and are still working with the company today!

Tammy, Friday, Me, Jami
I made Jami do some jumping jills – see how happy she looks!

Bellamy Amat

VB13 wardrobe designer Bellamy, showing off her new iPod nano!

Bellamy was very confused by the crate – I finally figured out why – when you say “Buy for L$0” – the only stuff it shows you “inside” the crate is 1 notecard and 1 script – and NO prints!?

The way Stitch and I created the crate is that the linkset is filled with all the prints. You touch the crate to animate the prints (blue menu) and then you touch the individual prints for a notecard with info / credits / copy of the print to hang.

So, every print carries it’s own piece of script animation and its notecard which carries in it the print itself! πŸ˜›

Anyway, I swear it works really cool… but that’s why it looks like there’s nothing in the crate. Sowwi for the bwain fweeze Bewwamee
(oh… and she HATES SL Kid/Baby talk! Oopseee!)

Bellamy’s SL Cousin

Bellamy’s cousin Nalena! Two giggly girls on voice who said they were SL cousins and RL brothers! πŸ˜›

And is Nalena even old enuf to get all those piercings???

My what pointy ears you girls have!
Jami said Bellamy and Nalena were a laugh riot!

Viktoria Brandenburg

Viktoria designed the shoes for VB01. So many performances later, Friday and Jami finally got to meet the designer who created the shoes they wore back on day one.

Viktoria’s outfit was amazing! So many layers of hair and latex and boots and transparency – wow! She called it her “designer outfit”

Forceme Silverspar

Like Gina, Forceme had to tear herself away from clients to come by. She said when the holidays come, peeps get time off from their RL jobs, and what do they want? Why, SL / BDSM coaching, of course!


Intrepid SL Photographer / Art Lover NicoleX was mesmerized by the ginormous crate!

Webby Merlin

Yay, I got to suck up to the landlady! Now maybe she won’t evict me for missing so many of her band’s concerts! :/

Webby showed up in a really cute Santa hat… which she promptly threw off, grabbed a gym towel, and started pumping iron! Work those pipes baby!

Kafkagome Bekkers

Kafkagome showed up with a 5 meter wingspan!!!

Kafkagome with wings stowed. And, I forget what someone was talking about, but it motivated her to change shapes. Later, in a conversation about identity, Pix said Kafkagome was “zaftig,” described her own form as “bordering on anorexia,” and refused even to apply an adjective to *my* uh… somewhat extruded shape…

Ze Moo

The official VB/CO Broadcast Outlet, Meta.Live, Nu!
Ze said they’re skipping 2010 and 2011 and going straight for the 2012 apocalypse. He says the one hope for humanity is more naked VB/CO performances. (he really said all that, I ain’t makin’ it up!)

Silene Christen

So, it’s not a actually “a crate full of pictures of me” – it’s pictures of me and ONE of Silene! Silene was the mastermind behind this year’s Burning Life Artists’ Duel Camp. That’s where I made the fun “VB Bottles” that we used later in the Burning Life week at VB11 to physically ride in… and later still we used miniature versions of them as our canopic jars for VB12.

The print “Moment E” is of Silene and I riding in the bottles at Burning Life. On the front side is Silene looking at me… on the back is me looking at Silene. It was such a fun day.

Silene wants to make the Artist’s Duel Camp even more interactive for Burning Life ’10

Meanwhile, feeling very narcissistic about giving out so many pictures of myself… and thinking about a series other than these (mostly) solo moments… I think I’d like to start a duet series of vignettes.

Ha ha ha — I just said “vignettes” — I remember when I went to school in Hong Kong — my friend Stan ran the “film club” and one day he said to me “You commin’ to the flicks tonight? Fellini Satyricon!” And I confessed that I wasn’t really sure I “got” Fellini… and Stan said,

“Well, nobody ‘gets’ Fellini – you just go to have vignettes etched on your brain!”

Anyway, my moment with Silene is etched on my brain… maybe that piece will become “Moment E” and “Duet A”…

Connie Arida

Legendary photographer-down-under Connie showed up wearing wings!
(and lots of transparency!)

Connie is Kai Heideman’s (wardrobe designer for VB02, VB04, VB09) favorite photographer! I hope some day we can give Kai some Connie photos of the VB cast in his design fashions!

Finally — after working out for 6-1/2 hours!! — the party slowed down. I couldn’t get Pixleen or Kafkagome to work out anymore, so I finally rezzed a table and chairs and sat. This was the part where Pix refused to even apply an adjective to my shape! πŸ˜›

And then we had a really great conversation about Performance Art in SL.

Pix made me realize there’s more in SL than you think… but you have to look in the right places… and, apparently, you have to read The Alphaville Herald!

There’s actually a bit to say on this topic… so I’ll save it for the next blog post…

Performance Artist
Then Pix took Kafkagome and I to a sim called China and introduced us to a bunch of folks. She said if I wanted to know about Performance Art in SL, I really needed to have a chat with Tizzy. By now it was about 8-1/2 hours and I was ready to pass out… so Tizzy and I friended each other and I hope to have that chat… soon!

VB Cast 2009

Meanwhile, while Pixleen, Kafkagome, and I were in China, our last visitor of the day came by the House at Angel Beach… Nathalia! She was off to another event, so I didn’t get home in time to greet her… but I guess my home was now a shop… and Nathalia got her holiday gift from the “vendor”. (Shhh – don’t tell Webby! — it’s a residential area – probably not zoned for commerce!!)

What a lovely afternoon – thank you to everyone for making this day – and this year – so nice!

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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