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Gracie Kendall continues her amazing Blog/Odyssey,


I certainly don’t know where she’ll come out, and I don’t think she does either, I think that’s the point of her journey.

In her many RL::SL diptychs, we see each RL day juxtaposed with her SL life that day. If you really take the time to look at the RL pix, she’s pretty cute, if you look long and deep enough, you might find her increasingly beautiful, with a depth and sublimeness that her SL self can’t reach.

But at least on the surface, to be crude about it, SL Gracie is sexy, RL Kris is dumpy. God, who isn’t sexy in SL!? How hard it is to not be sexy in SL!

The other day I happened to work in SL and other “on-screen” environments for 12 straight hours. I woke up at 5am… stumbled to the screen… and put it to sleep 12 hours later at 5pm. Then I had to rush to get ready for an RL party. When I actually got a look at my 12 hours of bed-hair, it was a horrifying sight! Of course I’d been wandering around SL looking perfect.

One of the reasons I’m not so fond of voice in SL, is it’s nice to look at an avatar, get some sense of their presence, and then read their nicely crafted words — as opposed to hearing in the background, “Aw shut up you little shit! Bring me my cigarettes!”

Of course, you could always type, “Aw shut up you little shit! Bring me my cigarettes! — But — that would be different! 😛

If I had spent those 12 hours “at the office,” I would have taken the trouble to look more like Gracie. Since I spent them “in the privacy of my own home,” I looked more like Kris. Does that mean home is “RL” and the office is “SL”?

Life is a costume party.

RL body modification / persona presentation aren’t as easily switched as an SL shape, but even in a single RL day we do manage to wear a lot of different hats. To play many different roles.

In the end, does Kris become more like Gracie? Gracie more like Kris? Do they merge? Are they oppositional?

In 2047 will Hong Kong be more like China? China more like Hong Kong?

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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