VB04 – Production Pix

Vaneeesa discussing logistics with VHAC Director, Soundsmith.

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Performance Document
Production Pix

VB04 Previz
VB04 Date/Venue

Senban Babii / When It Changed – VB04
Forceme Silverspar’s Adventures in Second Life – VB04
Forceme Silverspar’s Adventures in Second Life – Cloned Forceme

VB Publicity Department: Seasprite & Zola

Setting up one of our note-giver columns

VB Cast member Danika helps decide on new body shapes for VB04. We took our hair off so she could check out our butts better. (seriously)


Australian Photographer Connie Arida drops by to try sitting on one of our new VB04 pose balls.

SL clone artist Rose Borchovski dropped by during our photo shoot.

Media Director Seasprite chats it up with the cast.

OK, who left their lunch in the VB Cast ‘fridge for a week!?


Jami Mills


Dylana in the middle of changing. Meanwhile, Night checks out Glenn’s butt. She’s reported to have said, “hmm… looks just like my butt!”

Senban & Forceme quickly shed their “fake” avatars and return to the familiar comfort of their “real” bodies.

Where’s the after-party???

Fen, Vaneeesa, Senban, Forceme, Glenn, Dylana, Rebekah, Seasprite


Rebekah & Senban putting in a pitch for an All-Neko performance!

VB Stage Manager Senban exhausted at the end of a successful performance.

… and then it was done…

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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