VB04 – Performance Document

== VB04 LINKS ==
Performance Document
Production Pix

VB04 Previz
VB04 Date/Venue

Senban Babii / When It Changed – VB04
Forceme Silverspar’s Adventures in Second Life – VB04
Forceme Silverspar’s Adventures in Second Life – Cloned Forceme

=== VB04 – PRISM ===

Saturday, 27 June 09 • 1-3pm SLT

Vista Hermosa Art Center
Soundsmith Kamachi
Esparanza Freese

unitard & Fari shoes designed by
Kai Heideman / Powers of Creation

Skin designed by Eloh Eliot
Hair designed by Six Kennedy
Eyes designed by Winter Ventura

=== CAST ===
White – Charly December
Pink – Fen Shinn
Red -Zola Zsun
Blood – Friday Blaisdale
Orange – Forceme Silverspar
Yellow – Takira Ninetails
Green – Senban Babii
Cyan – Valerie Fierenza
Sky Blue – Jami Mills
Blue – NightOwl Meridoc
Violet – Glenn Milneaux
Grey – Dylana Wetherby


=== STAFF ===
Stage Manager: Senban Babii
Production Coordinator: NightOwl Meridoc
Publicity: Zola Zsun
Media / Community Relations Director: Seasprite Destiny
Artistic Director: Vaneeesa Blaylock

Vaneeesa chatting with VB03 designer Monyka Benelli. Notice our 100% lag-free performance! 🙂




As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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