VB Previz #8 – Prism

This is the look I’m working on for:
==VB04 – Prism==
Saturday, 27 June 09 • 1-3pm SLT
Vista Hermosa Art Center

Oh how I love that giant hair! It’s Here Comes Trouble – Sugar. Unfortunately… for this piece I’m planning on about a dozen avatars in one long line… and with the big hair “wings,” we can’t get the down-the-line shot… so I think we can’t use it. 🙁

Below are a couple variations on GuRL 6 HAIR – Indecent. Also really fun hair – and we can get the shot.

Above is a KK latex minidress… and below is Dirac by Kai Heideman from POC. I love both… both lines have amazing latex spectrums…

One of my favorite art history stories is from the middle of the 20th century. The American painter Ellsworth Kelly was living in Paris… and Monet’s stepson invites him down to Giverny to see some of the really late Monet’s that nobody ever gets to see.

Kelly is blown away by the paintings. They’re very heavily painted, but almost entirely white. At this point Kelly’s already been on a geometric abstraction / color field exploration, but seeing the late Monet’s gives Kelly the nerve to be even more abstract & reductive than he’s ever been.

For some, the work is a revalation, for others, “it’s not enough to be a painting – it’s just the presentation of colors.” Kelly simply says, yes, that’s exactly what it is, it is the naming of colors.

Later he explains how his work exists between painting and sculpture. That painting typically carries both figure & ground on the same canvas, but his work does not… so his work becomes sculptural… or in it’s interaction with the space… architectural…

I hope ==VB04 – Prism== can embody a little bit of that Ellsworth Kelly power of color in space… of the movement of color masses. This work, I hope, is about the naming, the presenting of color… but color alive on the human body (avatar)…

Which, sort of makes me think of Anish Kapoor… his use of pigment and pollen wasn’t on the human body per se… but it was on objects… physical bodies in space… that work is so sublime… I doubt we can achieve that sensibility… but in the powerful aliveness of our avatars… perhaps a different kind of, slightly kindred ebullience…

Dirac also has a maillot option.

Subset of the POC spectrum on the Left… subset of the KK spectrum on the Right…

POC Dirac colors

some KK colors

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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