400 Friends

And another hundred friends enrich my life in myriad ways! A couple of interesting things happened this hundred:

β€’ Yes, of course Facebook continued to send me warnings that they hate popular girls, and they’ll ban me if I make too many friends. However… they slightly changed the way they send out their “we’re gonna give you a time-out” warnings… so for a minute there I thought maybe they’d stopped with the threats. At first you wonder… then it’s liberating… and then… it’s a bit of a let-down… I hadn’t realized how much “flying under the radar” is actually about the fun of flying under the radar! For that brief moment that I thought FB wasn’t limiting me… adding friends got boring!

The reason I started this post with that “Friends Grid” of my 400 friends, is that… TouchGraph stopped working! πŸ™ It still works for people who aren’t me… so… am I on Facebook probation? IDK… very sad… because the truth is… some Facebookers try to make a lot of friends because it helps them play the game “Mafia Wars”… I like a lot of friends… well… for a few reasons… but the biggest one is that I like to play the game “Network Visualization”… and just like Mafia Wars, in my game, more friends means more action.

The Touchgraph above is from about a week or so ago… when I had 350 or so friends. IDK if I’ll ever be able to graph the current network? πŸ™

Still, you can clearly see the “cancerous” sovereign nation of Second Life continue to, like nanobots with a defective self-replication-stop switch, take over my network. As always, you can click on any image to see a larger version… but you really have to blowded up this one… LOOK at all the interconnectivity between these SL-ers! That’s a dense network, baby!

And here the Eheheheh Saana wing of the graph.

And here… I proudly present… my 400th friend… Claire!

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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