VB02 – Peggy Sue

VB02 – Peggy Sue
Vista Hermosa Art Center
Saturday 9 May 09, 2-3pm

Sound Sculpture: Daruma Picnic
Wardrobe: Kai Heideman
Makeup: Eloh Eliot
Video Soundtrack: Dance of the Pixels, by Doxent Zsigmond


  • Autopilotpatty Poppy
  • Cordelia Walamai
  • Friday Blaisdale
  • Jami Mills
  • Justine Gearz
  • Nightowl Meridoc
  • Valerie Fierenza
  • Vaneeesa Blaylock
  • Zola Zsun

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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