VB01 – Girl Next Door

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I had my SL debut performance on Saturday at the Vista Hermosa Art Center!
The VHCA is at Little Andalucia 220, 139, 53

The exhibition, Collecting Artists // An Eye-Opening Experience, was curated by graduate students from Kansas State University under the direction of Professor Esparanza Freese.

In Girl Next Door I placed nine avatars in the center of the Vista Hermosa Art Center for a two hour period during the exhibition opening reception, Saturday 18 April 09, from 2-4pm SLT.

My cast for this performance was:
Aero Bigboots
Artsy Nirvana
Dallas Popstar
Friday Blaisdale
Jami Mills
Lothar Leborski
Maxwell Adder
Midori Walamai
Vaneeesa Blaylock

The entire cast wore identical Second Life “Girl Next Door” avatars. Based anecdotally on my observation, I believe this avatar to be the #1 choice of new Second Life residents.

All nine avatars were identical, and all wore the standard issue “Girl Next Door” avatar with three changes:
• Eyes
• Shoes
• Skin

The avatar eyes were of a design I made myself.

The shoes for this performance were generously provided by Her Serene Highness, Viktoria Elisabeth Alexandra Fürstin von Brandenburg, Founding Designer of VvB Stiletto Heels.

VvB Stiletto Heels is at Dark Eternity 115, 153, 34

I love the power, edge, and Gothic intensity of these 11″ heel shoes. The contrast they provide vis-a-vis the banality of Girl Next Door’s frumpy polka dot dress is quite delicious.

The skin worn for this performance was Eloh Eliot’s Pleiades skin. There is more to say about Eloh Eliot than I can possibly say now. Her contributions to this world are nothing short of extraordinary. Of all the Metaverse::SL parallels, there is no doubt in my mind that Eloh Eliot *is* Juanita.

I will try to provide something more in-depth on Eloh Eliot in the future. Without absolutely closing off my options, I would love it if all my work is able to exclusively use her work. Thank you Eloh Eliot, wherever you are!

My deepest thanks to the faculty, the graduate students, the Vista Hermosa Art Center, Viktoria, Eloh, and all who contributed to, and attended this performance.

This is a remarkable environment in which to explore the cultural ideas of our age. My first SL performance will definitely not be my last!

— Vaneeesa

(click on any image to view a larger version of it)

As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

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      1. Thanks so much Regina. We were invited to do the piece and I had no idea then that 3 years later we’d have completed 36 virtual performance artworks – wow! 🙂

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