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Sweet 16

On 16-17 April 2010 VB/CO celebrated our 1st anniversary with a 26-hour performance artwork at Odyssey Performance Simulator.

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Rudolf Nureyev

the dawning confidence of the 20-year-old Nureyev three years before his 1961 defection in Paris

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Girl Next Door TWO!

There’s a brand new Girl Next Door in town… and she’s worth it… just for the shoes!…

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VB16 Photo Contest Winners!

To celebrate the 1st anniversary of VB/CO we held a photo contest. Our 5 esteemed judges: Carina…

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VB16 Photo Contest

Our illustrious panel of judges: Carina Larsen • Connie Arrida • Fross Maruti • Kai Heideman •…

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Au Pair Next Door – AFTERPARTY!!!

We already know what the Au Pair Next Door is going to wear for the 24-hour wash-a-thon…

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VB16 Photo Contest

V A N E E E S A B L A Y L O C K /…

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VB Previz #30 – Au Pair Next Door

On Saturday, 18 April ’09, VB/CO was launched with our performance of: VB01 – Girl Next Door…

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VB01 – Girl Next Door

(click on any image to view a larger version of it) I had my SL debut performance…