iRez virtual salon logo over large letters "SWAG"

Do you surf the web? With one of those fancy, what’cha’callums, “Web Browsers?” You do? Sweet! Then iRez has SWAG 4U!


For Chrome users we have a sweet little App to launch iRez anytime you feel the need!

ScreenCap of Chrome Web Browser New Tab Apps with iRez App Circled
After visiting Chrome Web store and adding iRez app, then anytime you (1) Click New Tab, and (2) Select Apps, you can (3) Launch iRez

iRez @ Chrome Web Store

Firefox & IE

For Firefox & The-talented-Mr-Gates-Explorer, we have your very own iRez/Alexa toolbar!
Get our toolbar!


Add the iRez App to your Rockmelt sidebar and get updated while you’re still on another page!
ScreenCap of RockMelt App Edge showing iRez Virtual Salon reader and last 20 posts
Rockmelt App

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