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Here’s some pix and a little info on

Magdalena Guerrero Blaylock, 73, my mother, born 22 Nov 1939
Fiona Blaylock, 46, my older sister, born 26 Dec 1966
Vaneeesa Anne Blaylock, 44, me, born 25 Apr 1969
Xue Faith, 21, my daughter, born 2 Mar 1992

My mother was a diplomat in the Reagan Administration. She’s always been stylish, you know, for a republican. Always a diplomat. Latina. (mostly) My father, Sam Blaylock, who passed away a few years ago was a German Jew, so Fiona and I are Latina / Jewish (with traces of other things, hint of French, etc)

Fiona is 2 years older than me. 2 inches taller than me. Her chest is, well, easily 2 inches and 2 cup sizes larger than mine. Her hair is bigger and better. She’s naturally more sexy than I am, and she also cultivates those qualities. She’s playful and sarcastic and a lot of fun and a great dancer. Actually my mother sent both of us to ballet since forever.

I was going to say Fiona’s more sexy and I’m more arty, but I’m not sure that’s true. She’s quite artful also. But maybe I’m more alt? Or more conceptual? Or maybe I just take myself more seriously. I’m a performance artist. I’m a lot more mousy than Fiona. I try to be stylish also, but it’s more of a yoga/ballet sort of stylish.

Xue was the result of a wild, mistaken, after college graduation weekend in Taipei. Or I mean the weekend, or the guy, Xue Chen, was a mistake. My daughter is not a mistake. Of the 4 of us I think she’s the most cosmopolitan and has a carefree elegance. She’s half Chinese and half whatever I am. She’s young and excited. Sort of a half-Asian Chloë Sevigny. There’s a lot more images, and full-length images, of her on the home page of her website:

I live in The Hague and teach Art at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Xue goes to King’s College in London where she’s studying “Culture, Media & Creative Industries.” My mother is retired and still lives in Washington DC, and, hahaha, IDK if I’m supposed to say where Fiona lives! 😛

Thank You!

I thought you might like these reference images in a “gallery” like this – you click to make full screen and then you can use your arrow keys to scroll through – I thought it might help you compare or see similarities and differences. Or you can just right-click and “save as” if you prefer them on your desktop.

Hi Naomi – wardrobe – hmm… how about…

Momtop etc in photo
Fionahow about black Chloë Sevigny perforated leather
VaneeesaHard Tail… or maybe a Betsey Johnson dress
Xuehow about some exciting Custo

click to see big… arrow keys to scroll…

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