“Embedding” YouTube videos on your WordPress post is a snap! Just find the video you want, then:

(click any pix to see them full size if you want to see more details)
Screen Cap of YouTube "share" settings

1. Click on the Share Button
2. Copy the Share URL

Screen Cap of WordPress Visual Edit Mode

Then go to your post. Most of you use “Visual Edit Mode” most of the time. If you look in the upper-right of the edit window, you’ll see:

3. Visual Edit & Text Edit tabs or buttons. When you paste your URL in Visual mode, sometimes it makes a link out to the video instead of the embed you want. So we’re going to click Text Edit just long enough to paste our URL. I know it looks really, really scary, but don’t be afraid, I promise I’ll hold your hand the whole time, I won’t let go till we’re back in Visual Edit, promise!

4. If you’ve never looked at markup, you might be a little lost. And if you wrote in a text editor and then pasted in WordPress it might look even scarier (paste from word processor is fine to do, but it adds some extra tags, just to be mean and make this look even scarier) Anyway, relax, breathe, find the spot and PASTE your URL. Now run back to Visual Edit as fast as you can! πŸ˜€

Screen Cap of WordPress Text Edit mode

That’s it!

You’re done!

Save Draft or Publish!


Well… kk… there is one more Optional thing… if you don’t like the size your video is… maybe too big or something… you can get it any size you want:

Screen Cap of YouTube "Embed" settings

5. Back at YouTube, hit SHARE again
6. But this time also press the EMBED button
7. Then from the cool Custom Size drop-down, pick the pixel size you want. Or if you don’t like any of the choices, then pick Custom Size and
8. Type in the pixels you want. You only actually have to say how wide you want it, here I typed “480” and when I hit Tab, it filled in the “270” for me.
9. When you’ve got the pixels you want, then Copy the Embed Code, and go paste it in your WordPress post, just like before!

Done! πŸ˜€

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