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ScreenCap of iRez Virtual Salon showing how to login and start a new post

1. Login
2. If you see the grey WordPress “Howdy You” bar, you’re logged in.
3. New > Post
4. Title for your Post
5. Write Stuff
6. Click the Media Tool to upload photos
7. For video:
— YouTube “share” button to get the “” URL and just paste it on a blank line
— or Vimeo url, but take the “S” out, so “https://vimeo…” becomes “http://vimeo…”
— or the “Embed Code” for any other type of video
—> in the upper right of the edit window are “Visual” and “HTML” tabs. For pasting your Video URL or Embed Code, it might work better to switch to the HTML tab, then paste, then you can go back to the Visual tab.

8. In the upper-right click “Save Draft” or “Publish”

• More on embedding: YouTube
• More iRez: How To Pages

ScreenCap of iRez virtual salon showing how to add content to a new post

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