Blockquote & H2

Screen Cap of WordPress 3.6 backend showing text editing features for Blockquote and H2

Clearer & Crisper

2 really simple tools to make your posts clearer, crisper, and more visually appealing are Blockquotes, and H2 headings. The “Clearer & Crisper” heading right up above is an “H2” and below is a “Blockquote”:

I think positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time.
— Cobb, Inception

Using this formatting is easy!
1. Check that you’re in Visual editing, click the tab if you’re not.
2. Check that you see 2 rows of edit buttons, click the “kitchen sink” button if you only see 1.
3. Blockquote hilite the text and click the quote button
4. H2 Heading hilite the text and select “H2” from the Paragraph drop down.

Yay, clearer more visually engaging pages!

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