About the Author

Part 1 – Your Text

Screen cap of "About the Author" box for Lizzy Bowman at the bottom of one of her posts on iRez
At the bottom of your post on iRez is your “About the Author” box. It might have some text about you and a photo of you, like the sample above…
ScreenCap of About Author box on an iRez post. Image is from before author has filled in info and shows a blank box.
Or, like the sample above, it might have an empty box and some “wave-a-tar” instead of your smiling face. How do you get stuff here? Easy! The text and the pix actually come from 2 different places, so let’s do the text first…
ScreenCap of WordPress backend showing various choices including Profile.
When you’re logged in to iRez and in edit mode (aka “the backend”) you have a bunch of choices down the left-hand-column… click PROFILE
ScreenCap of WordPress Author Profile box showing Biographical Info box.
In PROFILE, scroll down a ways till you come to “ABOUT YOURSELF.” Then type whatever you like in the “BIOGRAPHICAL INFO” box. Whatever you put here will appear at the bottom of all your posts on iRez.

Oh, PS: you might notice that right above “About Yourself” is “Contact Info” with a bunch of boxes. You have to have an email address, but all the rest of the boxes are optional. You can fill in some, none, or all of the rest. But let me just mention the last 3 boxes: Google+, Twitter & Facebook. As you see in the samples above, the current iRez “theme” features links to your Twitter & Facebook in the author profile box. If you don’t have a Twitter or FB, or don’t really want peeps to visit you there, that’s cool. But for most peeps, if you’d like some visits, then be sure to fill those in. With Google+, putting a link to your G+ profile here is 1/2 of the magic “Google Authorship” equation. If you also “claim” iRez on your G+ profile, then you’re eligible to have Google feature your pix in search results which makes peeps much more likely to click on your post.

ScreenCap of WordPress Profile Save button.
After you’ve filled in all the boxes you want — and you can come back any time and change stuff — then scroll all the way to the bottom of this Profile page and hit the “UPDATE PROFILE” button, which will save your cool, new info!

Part 2 – Your Pix

For the little “Profile Pix” of you in the author box, you’re going to go to another location:

At Gravatar, just be sure to login with the same email address you have at iRez. Then paste an awesome photo. Then save it, give it a “rating” and select it for your profile. You can fill in other stuff about you at Gravatar if you want to, or you can skip all that. It’s good either way. Then just wait 10 or 15 minutes for your new pix to “propagate” and your iRez posts will now have informative text and a cool photo, all about you!

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