Previz #82 – A is for Animation, B is for Baby

animation photo
A is for Animation
Photo by Anna Fischer


How many items are in your inventory? 10k? 20k? 50k? 100k???

Let’s face it, RL peeps appearing on TV shows like Hoarders, have nothing on residents of 3D MMORPG’s like SL! So let’s start on April Foo’s Day and take 26 days in April to post 26 items from our Inventories.

My Stuff

  • 1 April: A is for… (pick anything in your inventory that begins with “A” – if it’s an Object, rez it! If it’s a Landmark, go there! If it’s Clothing, wear it! If it’s an Animation, play it! Then take a photo of yourself with “it” and post to: Your Blog, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever floats your boat! And then add a link to your post here on the iRez daily Alphabet Archive.

  • 2 April: B is for…

  • 3 April: C is for…


George Carlin famously talked about My Stuff and Your Shit.

This is your moment! Will you hide in the shadows of shame, embarassed by your massive piles of shit? Or say it loud and take pride in all your awesome stuff!?

baby carriage photo
B is for Baby
Photo by Pavel P.
As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

13 thoughts on “Previz #82 – A is for Animation, B is for Baby

    1. totally Nieve! Did I call it a “challenge”? I’m sure I meant “invitation”! Really, it’s a prompt… an invitation… to explore and share however works for you.

      For my own participation the “April Fool’s Joke” on myself is that it seems to have morphed from 26 photos that I post on iRez… into 26 videos that I post on a new site:

      Anyway, for sure, as always, MAKE IT YOURS!

      And thanks for playing!!

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