Ravanel Griffon & Vanessa Blaylock trying on skins at the LAQ shop in Second Life

Ravanel Griffon Visits Second Life

Ravanel Griffon & Vanessa Blaylock trying on skins at the LAQ shop in Second Life
Ravanel Griffon, Vanessa Blaylock

We’re taking our annual iRez Author holiday group photo later today, and this year the iRez author who’s been to more worlds than any other decided to drop in on Second Life and be a part of the photo. Ravanel came by last night in her fresh off the rack “Party Girl” outfit and we went on a quest to find something a bit more Ravanel-ish!

Ravanel by day: Star of Diary of a Gamer Girl
Ravanel by day: Star of Diary of a Gamer Girl

Here’s a narrated slide show of Ravanel’s long night running the SL shopping & makeover circuit.
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I met Ravanel a year-and-a-half ago at the Newbie Blogger Initiative in May 2012. Back then she was one of the “newbie bloggers” with a super-awesome looking website. Just last month, October 2013 was NBI2 and this time around Rav was one of the wise old bloggers offering advice to the new bloggers. After all this time it was so great to meet up with her. She was a really good sport dealing with all the confusion and frustration of dropping into a new world. I hope one day soon she can take VBCO on a Field Trip of LOTRO or SWTOR so we can have a turn being the helpless noob and she can be the tour guide showing off all the sights. (haha, great tour guide I was: clothes, clothes, and more clothes! πŸ˜›

Vanessa Blaylock walking on a treadmill and looking at Ravanel Griffon's blog "Ravalation" on a large flatscreen monitor.
Ravanel almost made it to SL back in June ’13 when she participated in our month of “Avatar Blogger Crossfit”. We set up a “treadmill desk” for Ravalation at the gym.

Thanks for visiting Rav! It was so great to see you!


— Van

L i n k y . L i n k y

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As a virtual public artist my work invites avatar communities to express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights.

14 thoughts on “Ravanel Griffon Visits Second Life

  1. Very cool! I love the transformation from L.I. (Linden issue) avatar to personal entity! I sure hope you filled up most of your 42 group slots with designers you liked to grab those sometimes awesome free gifts πŸ™‚ I adore the hair you picked and that gown is ueber sweet!

    1. Thank you, I’m so happy you like the hair and the gown! We didn’t have time to hunt free gifts – I take full responsibility for that, because it took like three hours to get a hairstyle that I liked. It was like “ooooh, this one is amazing, but aaargh, why does it fall through my shoulders?!” ALL the time, and poor Vanessa had to bear with me and drag me along to yet another hair shop.

      1. Hey Moni, do you know what the “hair story” is? I know I have ancient freebie hairs that just drop straight through your shoulders, but we also saw new hairs from high-end places that still seem to do pretty much the same thing. How does that work? Are we missing something? Do peeps just wear it like that?

    1. OMG, SCAR!! What the hell’s wrong with me!?

      Oh… and on that note… you should do a little iRez post on C’d B. Maybe a few pix… mission statement… LM?

      1. Mission statement is roughly: bacon. Bacon, bacon, bacon, crispy bacon. Epic win. Lulz n buy it. Kthnxbai. That works as a mission statement, right? If not moar bacon should fix!

    2. My fault, I was so busy with the hair that there wasn’t any time left to look for clothes! I’ll come over to look at your shop as soon as I have time, I promise! Provided I can find it, I’m still very much a newbie, always disoriented and super happy when I find the lighthouse back that I’ve defiled with all my junk boxes (I hope it’s okay if I return there?) – oh and I’ll get rid of those too Van, once I’ve figured out how to!

      1. Hey Rav, don’t worry about the mess. Although it’s also easy to clean up, you just Right-Click the thing you don’t want on the ground (or lighthouse deck) anymore, and say “Delete” and poof, it goes from there into your Inventory > Trash.

        Next time I see you I can help you set the lighthouse to your “home” so you can, like, aww, “always find your way back home!”

  2. we are building an event area as we speak..it is goin to be the NEXT awesome and full of win fashion hot spot!

  3. Oh wow, Van, I didn’t even see this post yesterday with the photo shoot. Thanks for taking my hand and showing me around like this, it was super awesome! I was so exhausted afterwards, and half of the time I didn’t even realize what we were shopping for. I can now see how option 1 for the skin looked much better, but at the time I was confused whether I was buying the skin colour or the face – now it seems you buy both but the face shape sort of makes a combination between what you have and what you buy: I had never thought of that! So now I like the colour of option 2 more and the face of option 1… aargh! I’ll have to build more on my avatar some other time.

    Either way, thanks for the amazing trip (I’m still a bit dizzy) and all the fun! The photo shoot was awesome too, but I should probably shut up about it before there’s a post about that. (Ssssh.) I’ll post about my trip on Ravalation too one day (but my screenies aren’t nearly as nice as yours) but ‘they’ gave me two deadlines for my study this week, so I’m waaaay too busy. Unfair, I now feel the urge to login to SL to work on my avatar but I have to do (more) serious stuff, grrr. ^^

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