It Took a While – Chapter 2

Photo by Connie Arida

The Blue Note

Patty was the eldest of the five. She drove all the way back, from where she had been hiding, the farthest away city she could find when she decided to leave home. Against her father’s will, she packed a small bag and left, sure to find a world she would conquer, free of all restrains, free of pain. After a few years of struggling, she opened the Blue Note, an elegant jazzy place where most of the city’s elite gathered for a drink and some music. The flow of famous blues and jazz musicians attracted unknown singers eager to show off their talent, hoping to catch the eye of an agent. The crowds of people coming in every night also brought a few unwanted visitors, members of the underworld trying to get a cut of the exorbitant amount of money the club made, high-rollers and petty drug dealers alike, seeking to make a fast buck. She moved in this milieu quite astutely. Her contacts in the police department kept things under control and she returned the favor by allowing them a safe haven for their indiscretions. Now she was returning home, fighting to run away once again, eager to find that slice of freedom she was still looking for.

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Lisbon, Portugal -- I am a former educator who became a writer. My fascination for people's intricacies and my love for words drive me to write stories. These appear in the format of flash-fiction, short stories and poetry, stubbornly and imprudently!

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